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[DISCUSSION] Our Teams From Hoenn! - with 0kamii
[Image: NDNjYTdmYTY3ZSMvT2Z1bUlGdmdVSTM4aUJBWXFZ...LmpwZw.jpg]
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and with today comes the third installment in my "Our Teams From" series!

For this post specifically, you can list either your team from the original games, Ruby and Sapphire, or you can post your most recent teams from ORAS like me! The reason being is that I honestly don't remember my team from the original games. It's been over a decade after all. However, because Hoenn is my home region (#HoennBabiesUnite), I'd rather cut the chit-chat and jump straight into the discussion! Here's the team that I used to enter the Hall of Fame on my last journey through Hoenn, specifically Alpha Sapphire version.

Our Teams From Hoenn! - with 0kamii
[Image: uXwxLBl.jpg] [Image: gardevoir.png] [Image: aggron.png]

[Image: flygon.png] [Image: manectric.png]  [Image: latest?cb=20140610180612]
Before y'alls say anything, yes, that is a Shiny Mega Sceptile. My Sceptile, named Bluegrass, holds the distinction of being the very first time I ever soft-reset for a Shiny starter pokémon. I got him after 2,244 soft-resets, and it's one of only three Shiny reactions that I've caught live on camera. However, because I don't have a YouTube account, I can't exactly upload the footage to this post. Just take my word for it, I was about ready to cry. What else is cool about Bluegrass is that I saved his first Mega evolution until I faced Kyogre, which felt VERY cinematic. I also caught a Ralts very early game and evolved her into a Gardevoir. I'm pretty sure most of you know I'm Team Gallade at this point, but since Gallade didn't exist until Gen 4, I figured I'd keep the spirit of Gen 3 and use a Gardevoir. I named her Ysablanc, after a fictitious race of humans in one of my stories. Next came Aron, and eventually Aggron, a.k.a. Steely Dan. Aggron has been consistently one of my favorite Gen 3 pokémon, and there was no way I was going to be playing through the game without it. He absolutely demolished Winona's gym, and he was very useful against Drake and Glacia's teams too. So he wasn't just for show.

Furthermore, my Manectric, Ziggy, actually served to KO most of Team Aqua throughout the game. He even helped me catch Kyogre when the time came. He also helps me catch Shiny legendaries in ORAS to this day, so while everyone else may have hung up their work boots, Ziggy's still going strong. Next to last came Flygon. Since Altaria is kind of weak attack-wise, and you don't get Salamence until the end of the game, the only logical Dragon-Type to use was Flygon (using Latias just would've felt cheap). It's a shame Flygon is so overlooked, but in his own game, he's one of the best. And finally, because you have to, I used my Primal Kyogre for the first and last time. I wasn't really into the VGC seasons that allowed the Primals and Mega Rayquaza, so having Kyogre obilterate everything in-game was the only time I ever saw it in action. And likely the only time I ever will.

Other pokémon I used throughout the playthrough:
[Image: absol.png] [Image: tropius.png] [Image: latias.png] [Image: salamence.png] [Image: breloom.png]
These party members were all very temporary, and they usually didn't stay in the party for longer than a route or two while I waited to get a true new party member. It's not all bad, though. The time I spent with Breloom inspired me to breed Kung Fungus, my most trusted Shiny hunting partner. So there was some good in it after all. Big Grin

Well, that's all for Monday's post. I know I have a week's worth of posts to make up for, but what can I say other than, "Work was brutal this week?". I promise I'll make it up to you all, but in the meantime, feel free to share YOUR teams from Hoenn in the thread below. I look forward to sharing some Gen 3 love. "I Am An Axew" will be getting TWO entries this week to make up for the unposted entry last week, and come tomorrow we'll know who the new member of Amethyst 0mega is! Lots of developments this week, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
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Hey, everybody! I'm still 0kamii, and for my Monday post I feel like tagging these four users! @Wolfoxy, @Kookiemuker, Amethyst 0mega breeder @wartty, and new user @JJ Icarus. Your QOTD is:

What was your team from Hoenn (if you remember)?

Thanks for keeping it friendly, guys! Talk to you all soon! Smile

- 0kamii
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My reaction to my first shiny was "Hey, this just made a different sound to normal!". Of course, I was only 7 or something and didn't understand what a shiny pokemon was.

As for my Hoenn team, I know I had a Blaziken in there. And Groudon. And that's all I used for the game all I can remember.
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I always love your "Our Teams" posts, seeing all the ways people built their teams is so cool! I guess I'll dive right into mine!
[Image: sceptile.png] [Image: aggron.png] [Image: magnezone.png] [Image: tentacruel.png] [Image: ninetales.png] [Image: swellow.png]

If you were to check the hall of fame on that old Ruby cartridge, those are surely the Pokemon you'd be looking at! My trusty Sceptile, Leef, who I picked up out of that bag at first glance and never looked back, led a team of some Pokemon who are pretty memorable to me. I won't go too much into detail, so i think ill just name them off! The endgame team consisted of Leef the Sceptile, Larry the Aggron, Magneto the Magnezone, Jelly the Tentacruel, Naruto the Ninetails, and Sri the Swellow! Some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the final cut are these bad boys!
[Image: metagross.png] [Image: salamence.png] [Image: groudon.png] 

Boy did I love these guys, but since I caught them later in the game, I didn't feel nearly as attached. Especially Groudon, since I almost never use legends in story runs. But, that doesn't mean they weren't fun to play with!

To end off on an interesting fact, the first shiny I ever caught was during this playthrough of Ruby, a shiny Cascoon named Buggle!

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I own Ruby, Emerald, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so I've done tens and tens of playthroughs with different teams. But they almost always consisted of different combinations of the following Pokémon:

Starter[Image: icon-blaziken.png] [Image: icon-sceptile.png] [Image: icon-swampert.png]
"Core"+Flyer[Image: icon-gardevoir.png] [Image: icon-swellow.png] [Image: icon-breloom.png] [Image: icon-exploud.png] [Image: icon-hariyama.png] [Image: icon-aggron.png] [Image: icon-manectric.png] [Image: icon-flygon.png] [Image: icon-altaria.png] [Image: icon-tropius.png] [Image: icon-magneton.png]
Water-slave and general HM-slave/Pickup[Image: icon-walrein.png] [Image: icon-wailord.png] [Image: icon-linoone.png]

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It's hard to remember exactly but I'm pretty sure it was something like this. 

Blaziken, Absol, Manectric, Gardevoir, Gyarados, and Swellow

That was a long time ago lol
I never played through the original gen 3 but would love to. As far as ORAS I had many teams but on my last play through of it (also my favourite) I had a Luxaray, a Metagross,  a shiny Pidgeot, a Gardevoir, a Tyranitar, and I beleive my starter was a Mudkip that time. Overall amazing team and they never lost. Gardevoir and Pidgeot seemed to be constantly going Mega and İ had more fun then than İ've had in alot of playthroughs.
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OrAs were such a disappointment, I just used Sceptile and Mightyena and rushed through it
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This will be fun to do, as I am currently going through Hoenn on a redo of my Omega Ruby copy.  

So as of where I am in the story, I have three pokemon, with no solid team in mind to add on:

I have a Combusken, Nuzleaf, and an Electrike.

I'm open to suggestions on what I should use, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Big Grin
@FireTaco Use a Mewtwo Kappa
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