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[DISCUSSION] What Are We All Playing?
I'm Making This Title Look Really Formal

I'm bored and decided I'd make this little thread right here. Being a fellow of decent levels of curiosity, I want to know what, aside from Pokemon games, everyone's been playing on recently and what said games are like.

Since I made this thread, I may as well go first. I've been playing a few things recently:
  • Hearthstone, which is a free-to-play card game made by Blizzard. It's based off World of Warcraft's characters and lore but instead of RPGing around Azeroth you 1v1 each other in a card game set in a tavern. If anyone's interested, I'd recommend it because a) It's pretty fun and addictive if that's what you're in to, and b) I'm always looking for new players to teach and destroy now and then.
  • Halo 5, which is pretty straightforward. It's a sci-fi shooter game which was for some reason heavily multiplayer-based. I'm good at it, but you'll always get the typical 'aimbots' and whatnot of console games. Also, WHY NO SPLITSCREEN!?
  • Various games on Steam, including Fallout Shelter, Skyrim and Crusader Kings II
I'd like to know everybody's current tastes in videogames, and anyone's opinion of the game's I mentioned if you've ever seen them.

I'm going to tag @Drangor2 and @Kris since you both seem to like talking about basically everything
Big Grin  and also @stephenWITNESS because I don't often see you talking about games other than Pokemon.
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Might as well start this off! At the moment my main focus is trying to finish Xenoblade Chronicles. It's an utterly huge game with so much to do; questing, exploring etc. It has a great battle system that's like a mix between an action rpg and a turn based rpg. You get the hang of it quick enough and once you do it's incredibly fun to try and come up with different strategies with the playable characters. I also have to add that it has some of the most amazing scenery in any game I've ever played! Probably one of my favourite games of all time.

Other games that I'm playing are Dragon Quest 8, a solo play-through of Halo 4 (normally do co-op with my brother), about halfway through a play-through of Pokemon Blue (about to battle Sabrina) and I have to mention Skyrim. I'm taking a break from it atm but I don't think I'll properly stop playing it untill ESVI comes out.
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

I still need to finish my Dragonquest 9, I got really far in and then stopped playing. As for Halo 4, I did a legendary solo playthrough before after me and my brother did it together, but it took about a week. The Didact was a bit of a sad excuse for a final boss though.
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Aside from Pokémon, another game that's been consistently holding my attention is ARK: Survival Evolved. 

I'll say upfront that it's not easy, and certainly not a game for everyone. I think the reason I like it aside from the dinosaurs is that it's as much a puzzle game as it is survival. Everything has a correct sequence, and if you want to survive then you need to learn the right recipes, engrams, the works. Not to mention you can breed and raise your own creatures. Everyone knows how much I love to breed things. *sees trainer tag*

I'm looking forward to the Aberration expansion. Other than that, I've been binge playing a lot of my old GameCube games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

- 0kamii
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Oh, man. I could go on about ARK all day! I've been looking at aberration loads, the xenomorph-style things look cool. I always go down the warpath and unlock all the weapons and armour engrams, and let my friends do the building Kappa

I'll just say it now, I solo-tamed a giga once and then I found an egg nearby so now I have 2 gigas...
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I've never solo tamed a Giga, but I can make the claim that I was the first in my tribe to solo tame a Thylacoleo. It was a four-hour tame using mostly cooked Prime Meat, and the sucker was only level 10. Soon after we raided a base and claimed a couple of 200+ Thylos and I bred one for spelunking.

Now I have a 300 Thylo named ZDZ. He's my heart, my baby boy.  Heart

- 0kamii
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Hii, since yesterday/or before yesterday i started playing the game that i bought 2/3 weeks before playing, and its kind of good at start(maybe its the age that the older we get the less we like to play)

But the game title is Ever oasis.

About a boy that lost a family member and has to grow a place where all people like him and others species that can go to his place to buy/ become a resident / upgrade shops , stuff like that+ can battle in caves or outside monsters(kind of Dragon Quest monster joker only without going on turns you battle them directly outside monsters(without recruiting monsters)(kind of action rpg/ quests/ puzzles like zelda etc)

After i finish this game i need to continue a game on ps4 Pro called ''King dom hearts Final Mix HD'' It has the stories of 1 and 2(so after i finish 1 i play 2 etc)

Unique since its has all main games in 1 disc. (Better than the precedents for ps3/ps2) Higher quality /more bonus stuff )

And after all that i also will need to buy another game for 3ds i think (though i didn't yet see other interesting stuff other than Ultra moon/Ultra soon upcoming)

I will need to recheck store to see what i missed. (A new rpg )
I recently found my gamecube in my jungle of a closet so I've been playing alot of games i didn't beat like spyro and ty, and been doing some major grinding in Rainbow Six Siege.
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Minecraft, surprisingly it's really relaxing to play
The last ofus. Just playing through it the first time.

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