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[DISCUSSION] Which pokemon games do you still play?
I just wanted to start a discussion on which pokemon games you're still playing and why.
For me, I play the gen 2, 4, 6, and 7 games. I play gen 2 for shiny breeding. I play gen 4 because I like the pokeradar in platinum, I play gen 6 because I'm working on a living dex, and I play gen 7 mostly for my giveaways.

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I currently am not playing many generations and am focusing my attention on Gev VII, I am however playing my Virtual console Gen II from time to time and I have been planning on going back into gen IV at some point and maybe even try to set up the cute charm shiny method in one of my games.

I do still occasionally go back to Gen VI but usually that is only to collect something I really need and so it seems I am going back to it less and less, especially since I still have a long way to go completing the ultra games including my egglocke which has been suspended near the start of the 2nd island.

When I have more time I will definitly go back to the virtual consoles and Gen IV more though, I am just too busy IRL at the moment
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I'm about to do playthroughs of HG, Platinum, Black, and then X again. It's been a long while on all of those since Ive only been playing OR and UM for my breeding and HA hunting.
Breeding Projects
Im always looking for new HA's, EM's, and mons in rare balls.
PM me if you wanna trade for something.
I still play the Gen 5 games, mostly Black 2 since it's the only one I haven't lost. My Black version is probably buried in my attic somewhere. I still Shiny hunt in Gen 6, but other than that I stick almost exclusively to Gen 7. I do frequently go back and play Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness on my Nintendo GameCube, though. Never get tired of those. I guess those count as Gen 3?

If Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald ever come out on virtual console, I'm getting those. No question.

- 0kamii
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I play Pokemon for VGC so I pretty much only play the newest game. Unless I need a previous generation mon for an egg move breed chain.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
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