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First ever doubles VGC 2015 team
Sorry it took me so long to get back.

@Rogue I think that's a great team! It has the pokemon I like and seems viable. Thank you so much!
I'll have to practice with it in Showdown and begin breeding.

As far as breeding goes am I looking for certain IVs or just 5 IV pokemon in general? I have a 6 IV ditto so breeding 5 IV pokemon isn't too difficult.

Just FYI, I'll probably have more questions in the future so I hope you don't get too tired with me.

Again thank you everyone for your help. You're all amazing!
Just a little side note for milotic. Even though the common milotic build does run dragon tail which is a physical move. Don't sweat over trying to breed a perfect 6IV Feebas just for that. Sure every bit of damage will help but it's mostly used to force an unfavorable switch. Also I found a double use for dragon tail this weekend.

Since I almost always run sylveon on my teams, one issue I almost always face off against are those pesky wide guard aegislashes. If you run into one of them I will always try to dragontail it on milotic just because nothing bad can happen if I do. A worse case scenario is the dragon tail lands and he swaps out for something else, and yes that's the worse case. A best case scenario is aegislash aides kings shield and lowers milotic attack triggering it's competitive.
Thanks @naitre. I'm don't think I'm patient enough to get the right nature and perfect IVs for every pokemon, but I'll try my best.

The Virizion I have only has 3 IVs with Attack, Special Attack, and Special Defense. Will that be a problem?
@naitre I won't be able to until I get off of work. I'm just on my lunch break now.
I can also help out if I'm around which I usually am.
I've been thinking about defiant braviary for vgc alongside Mamoswine similar to how arash ommati used Mamoswine and defiant Tornadus, except I was thinking of running assault vest instead of choice scarf and opting for a little more attack and a bit less speed as well. I chose to use tailwind on braviary and then just wrecking everything from there. I also thought of amoongus and mega charizard y in the back and I'm still deciding on the last two but don't be afraid to experiment! So far these four have served me well in rating battles, which is pretty much where you'd go to test out vgc teams. Furfrou could be good, I've tried it in singles before and fur coat plus cotton guard made it nearly untouchable on the physical side, which is good for vgc because there are a lot of physical attackers like landorus and kangaskhan. But for coverage, some specially focused mons may carry focus blast, nameably mega charizard y and mega gardevoir and thundurus therian. Instead of a rocky helmet, try leftovers. Remember, despite what these people may say, every Pokemon can be viable for vgc as long as there is a nice team built around it. But they do have a point when they say your team needs work, don't be afraid to try new stuff and don't let a loss take you down completely, you win some you lose some. Take it from someone who is also a beginner. Watching videos of regional national and worlds tournaments will also help you gain ideas, good luck in vgc!
Also I've tried mega Pidgeot before, it actually works pretty well with the right setup. People often forget that Pidgeot can learn mirror move, so along with Rotom (with Electroweb) or suicune (with icy wind) it can make things difficult for the opponent

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