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@Tenebris_Kane Are you free this Friday, later into the evening (i live in EST)

Google says that EST is 5 hours behind me so it will depend on how late into your evening you want to trade, realistically I would not like to trade later than 6PM for you as that would be 11PM here (assuming google is right)
@Tenebris_Kane I am free most of Friday actually. How about you give me a time, but please convert it to EST.

4PM would probably be pretty good as that should translate to 9PM for me which would mean it is not too late for me and it is pretty much guaranteed there will be nothing keeping me from going online at that time of night
@Tenebris_Kane Sounds good. I will see you then.
Deposited: Metapod
Trainer Name: Hokulani
Gender: Female
Level: 13
Ball: Hyper ball

Requesting: Peliper

it is past midnight when I am typing this so I won't be sending it tonight but I have got your message and will send the pelliper out tomorrow
i was sniped. deposit it again in 2-3 hours

I was just about to make the trade.. sorry about that, hopefully you got a good snipe Pokémon?
No was a bad one :-)
i depsoit a new one

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