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[GIVEAWAY] Back with a BANG! - 100+ Legit BR Pokémon!!!
Deposited Metapod
IGN: Stephen
Gender: Male
Level: 4
Ball: Quick Ball
Requesting: Intimidate Salamance 
Thanks for the cool giveaway by the way

salamence has been sent, these were just left over Pokémon from previous projects so I just trained them all up feel free to let me know if there are any others on the list you want  Tongue


I don't see a metapod from you, have you re-deposited yet?
The New Kahuna
sorry i got sniped again.. metapod must be ´popular Wink
i deosti a male one lvl 12 but it isn't nicknamed sorry
@Tenebris_Kane I am online. IGN Jerome

I am sorry I missed you, if you come online again within around an hour and a half please message me and I can still trade
The New Kahuna
if he haven't got time i would have
@Tenebris_Kane Give me another time to come online and please try not to miss this time. Sorry if i was not clear, but I meant EDT, or eastern daylight savings time.

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