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[GIVEAWAY] (OFFLINE))Pika_Event Special giveaway.(2 events)
Going online. FC is at first page . Added everyone above this message+ page1
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.


Bio upgrade:
Got you also added! Smile How do I know if I got the charizard? :O
Thank you so much! Got my charizard! Heart
Got it thx
I would like a Corocoro charizard pls Smile
FC 1822 4460 8410
IGN atonement
Can I have one too?

fc: 0791-2515-5962

Ign: Ares
id love a charizard

3DS FC: 4528-1988-5374
Hey, seems interesting!
If I may have on, that would be much appreciated.
FC: 5430 1459 4170
IGN: Ben
Just added your friend code.

Edit: Got it, thanks!
Can i get one plz? 
FC: 1264-0446-5864
ING: Tarotkung

I added u. Cheers!
i'd like one please! 

IGN: Ian

FC: 2337-7392-9314  Smile  

Heart msg me when you're online :D

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