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[GIVEAWAY] (OFFLINE) free Ditto5/6ivs+Battle ready shiny +(TSV Check))

0) If you request 2 times in 1 page you will be skipped until the next page.

1)You can get 1 per page (every new page 1 new request) (So do not request a second on the same page.)

2)Do not double post( use edit" feature to add New stuff

3)Ask on gts Level 91 to 100 for all
4)If i don't see the nicknames(mentioned below) You will be skipped.

5)If you need to know your TSV/ESV deposit the pokemon that you caught /breed

When You seeOFFLINEDo not Deposit pokemon.

While waiting for the Votes of the other thread with Br pokemon, i will be giving away this one below

[Image: oitK22S.gif]
Gender: female
Hidden ability: Pixilate
Moveset: Moon Blast- Shadow Ball- Toxic- Protect.
Ivs: HP:31- Defense 31- Sp Atk 31- Sp Def 31- Speed 31
Evs:252 Sp Attack- 40 Sp Def- 218 HP
Ball: Pokeball.
Level: 100

Both with Ot : Jacob.

Held item: Leftover
Ability: Pixilate
Gender: female
Nature: Calm
Moveset:- Calm Mind- Hyper Beam- Baton Pass-wish .
Evs: Sp Attack 252/ Special Def 252
Level: 100

[Image: HP8aOME.gif]
Arcanine Male
Held item:Aguav Berry
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 92 Atk / 44 Def / 76 SpD / 44 Speed
Adamant Nature
Moveset: Extreme Speed-Flare Blitz-Snarl- Protect
Shiny: Yes

[Image: tMtLJzF.gif]
Shiny: Yes
Level: 100
Nature: MOdest
Evs: 244 Hp/ 164 SpAtk/ 100 Speed
Moveset: Scald- Ice Beam- Protect- Recover
Ot: Tatsuya

[Image: nbt4UCJ.gif]
Ivs: 5 or 6 (you can ask also for many Ditto ivs Spread for trick room or stuff like HP Fire etc)
Nature: You choose
Ot: YamiY
Ability: You choose
Lv: 100

[Image: ingG0H0.gif]
Held item: Leftovers
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 252 HP / 144 Def / 112 SpD
Nature: Impish
Moveset:Earthquake-Stealth Rock-Slack Off-Whirlwind
Ivs:31/31/31/30/31/31 (Hidden power Electric can be used against water type)
Level: 100
Shiny: Yes
Gender: Male/ Female

New 24-3-2017.:
[Image: I75xACa.gif]
Held Item:
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Timid
Level: 100
Gender: Male
Shiny: Yes
Ot:SirAaron / SkyHigh
Ivs:31/0/31/ 31/ 31 /31
Ev's: 252 Sp.Atk/ Hp6/ 252Speed.
Moveset: AuraSphere-Dragon Pulse- Flash Cannon- Dark Pulse. (can also add Relearn moves like Bullet punc)

[Image: o1cupFb.gif]
Held item: the first to request this will be the held item for next scizors)
Ability: Technician
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 116 Def / 128 SpD / 16 Spe
Moveset:Swords Dance-Roost-Bullet Punch-U-turn
Ball: Fast Ball.

[Image: k4o9YX0.gif]
Held Item:Assault Vest
Ability: Regenerator
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
IVs: 30 Speed (31 in all other)
Moveset:Giga Drain-Knock Off-Earthquake-Hidden Power [Ice]
Ball: FriendBall(very rare )

[Image: Z9Fwi44.gif]
Held item: First to request him will get the Pinsirite.
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Moveset:-Swords Dance-Return-Quick Attack-Close Combat
SHiny: Yes

Gts Instructions:

To prevent beïn sniped:

You must Nickname your pokemon ''Gon'' or ''Killua''

Ask for level 100

Deposited: ????

Pokemon Wanted: ??? Syl??

Gender: Any

@willong sent. :enjoy
@Maddyfresh sent. Enjoy
@spice_cadet sent.(maybe wrong one Sylv1, if Wanted i can give You the sylv2)
@jetevander sent. Enjoy.
@TimeTwist Sent. enjoy
@Snow Sent. Enjoy
@Tomlepanda Sent. Enjoy.
@LaurenceThong sent. Enjoy
@Icerhikoui Can't find Bidoof. (Pm sended)
@Smartypants2121 Sent. Enjoy
@aaeeoo2 Sent. enjoy
@Maddyfresh milotic sent. Enjoy
@Nireus Arcanine Sent. Enjoy.
@jwith Sylveon2 Sent. Enjoy (page3)
@KasuganoAichi Sent. Enjoy( page3 Milotic)
@Majesticfoxstar sent. Enjoy (sylveon1)
@Snow Sent . ( Page 4 Arcanine) enjoy
@Darkpower Sent. Enjoy (Page 4 Sylveon1)
@Captaindoovid Sent (Page 5 Sylveon2)
@snder82 Sent (page 5 Milotiic)
@TheHammer123 Sent (Page 4 Milotic)

@Darkpower Can't find (page 4 asking for Sylveon2)
@element_x49 Sent (page 5 Sylveon1 Modest)
@Hunter sent (page 5 Milotic)
@Maddyfresh Sent (page 5 Sylveon1)
@Snow sent (page 6 )
@swagkid812 sent (page 6 hippowdon)
@element_x49 sent (page 6 hippowdon)
@TimeTwist Sent (page 6 Milotic)
@KasuganoAichi Sent (page 6. low ivs Ditto in attack and 4 perfect in everything else.)
@aaeeoo2 Sent (page 6 . perfect 5ivs Ditto (low in Speed+queit nature)
@TheHammer123 Sent (page 6 Hippowdon)
@MEGACON Sent (page 7 Sylveon2) (U need to wait for page 8 to request a new pokemon.)
@s.A415 Sent( Page 6 silveon1)
@slife sent 5ivs ditto modest(page 7)
@Snow Sent (page 6 Hippowdon)
@TimeTwist Sent( Page 7 Arcanine) (wait for page 8 to request a new pokemon)
@Snow Sent (page 7 Milotic shiny) (wait for page 8 to request a new pokemon)
@Maddyfresh Sent (page 7/8 Hippowdon)
@element_x49 Sent ( page 8 Arcanine)
@NemesisK Sent (page 8 Ditto 6 ivs Naive etc)
@Snow Sent (page 9 Lucario )
@"Darkpower Sent (page 8 Hippowdon)
@Ninjames85 Sent (page 9 Ditto)
@wartty Sent (page 9 Hippowdon sand stream) (if you really need i can look later for the other ability.
@Maddyfresh Sent (Lucario page 9) (wait for page 10 to request a new one, high chance in next pages that i add a new pokemon)
@TimeTwist Sent (page 9 Hippowdon)
@Ninjames85 Sent (sylveon2 page10)
@Mommy Can't find (page10)
@jetevander Sent (page 10 Lucario)
@Darkpower Sent (page 10 Lucario)
@NemesisK Sent (page 9 Sylveon2)
@Darkpower Sent (page 11 Arcanine) (wait for page 12 to request a new pokemon)
@Mommy Sent (page 11 Milotic) wait for page 12 to request a new pokemon)
@Keith_Kuruzu Sent( page 10 Ditto timid 6ivs, Imposter?)
@Keith_Kuruzu Sent (page11Milotic )
@Fana Sent (page 11 Arcanine )(right one Adamant)
@Mommy sent (Sylveon2 page12)
@Darkpower sent (page12 milotic)
@jetevander sent (page 12 Hippowdon)
@Keith_Kuruzu sent (page 12 arcanine)
@Krstoffr sent (page12 Sylveon1)
@Tomlepanda Sent (page12 Arcanine)
@Fana Sent (page 12 Lucario)
@ToxicTarrn Sent (page 12 Lucario)
@element_x49 Pm me before depositing a new one.
@Keith_Kuruzu Sent (page 13 Hippowdon Female)
@Mink007 Sent (page 13 Sylveon1)
@Ninjames85 Sent (page 13 Lucario )
@Fana Sent (page 13 Sylveon2) (don't forget to delete the second post below your other post)
@Mommy Sent (page 13 Arcanine)
@Darkpower Sent (page 13 Ditto 6 ivs. ) (Sp attack 30 + 30 in another stat to become HP ground)
@Ninjames85 Sent(page 14 Arcanine)
@element_x49 Sent (page 14 Lucario)
@Ninjames85 Sent (page 15 Hippowdon)
@Never_Know Sent (page 14 Sylveon)
@Fana Sent (page 15 sylveon1)
@TimeTwist sent (page 16 scizor)
@KasuganoAichi sent (page 15 Lucario)
@Darkpower Sent (page 15 Scizor)
@Maddyfresh You are first. (because the Mega stones can't be traded through gts, we will need to trade through Link trade.
@insanemotives Sent (page 17 Milotic)
@wartty Sent (page 17 Tangrowth Friendball)
@Mommy Sent (page 17 Tangrowth)
@Fana Sent (page 18 Scizor)
@Darkpower Sent (page18 Tangrowth)
@Fana Yes+more New poke to be added in future list.
@Yoshimon7 sent (page18 Tangrowth)
@Haru sent (page 18 Sylveon2)
@ONESUNBEINGNOW Sent (page 18 Sylveon1) (for now i only
have them in a Pokeball, but if you really need/want one in Premier ball, yu can request it on next page and i will try to get it into the Desired ball)
@KasuganoAichi Sent (page 18 Scizor)
@Ninjames85 Sent (page 18 Tangrowth Friendball)
@Mommy Sent (pinsir page 18 )
@ONESUNBEINGNOW Sent (page19 Milotic)
@Haru Sent (page 19 Sylveon2)
@BrainyBraixen Are ya online?
@Ninjames85 Sent (page 19 Milotic)
@Mr-Soybean Sent (page 19 Tangrowth)
@NemesisK Sent (page 19 Scizor)
@element_x49 Sent (page 20 Tangrowth Male)
@Darkpower Sent (page 20 Pinsir)
@Mr-Soybean sent (page 20 Scizor Gatchmon)
@NemesisK sent (page20 Arcanine)

Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.


Bio upgrade:
Can I get one please, I can't deposit a Pokemon right now but what about tomorrow.
(Mar 18, 2017, 07:58 PM)AniMangelo Wrote: Can I get one please, I can't deposit a Pokemon right now but what about tomorrow.

Hmm, i don't know if i will be online tommorow, but i do know that i can trade again maybe after 14 hours have passed.( i can trade now for 1/2 hours.)
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.


Bio upgrade:
Ign: Marlee
Deposited: lvl 1 dratini female
Pokemon wanted: Sylveon
Gender: female

Please and thanks!
Can I please have one too?
Ign: Will
Level of deposited: 1
Gender: Female
Pokemon wanted: Sylveon

Thanks in advance!
Rep given!
Thanks for the giveaway!
Ign: Sepia
Deposited: lvl 1 porygon
Pokemon wanted: Sylveon2
Gender: female

Thanks in advance!
deposited: caterpie
level 1
gender: male
ign: Ares
Requested: Sylveon 2
Deposited: Dhelmise
Lvl: 1
Gender: None
IGN: Pokejack
Which one?: Sylveon

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