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[GIVEAWAY] ~ SoS Chaining - Exeggcute ~
~ Exeggcute Harvesting Season ~
Hope no one minds me posting another little store here...

Feels like ive seen 50 posts about these impossible to obtain Skill Swap Harvest Exeggcutes
so in the spirit of giving back to this wonderful community in what small way I can 
i've decided to open a simple little giveaway if you could even call it that...
... but I hope it will at least help some people out :D 
[Image: o0480051612489233793.jpg?caw=800]
    *EDIT* For those who may be interested in this ill be requesting you deposit Golbat ~
The stupid ballons were getting sniped so I stole this idea from @stephenWITNESS like who would snipe Golbat?
Deposit Golbat requesting Lv: 1 Exeggcute
and I guess if you want any specific natures you might prefer let me know
Also added moonlight and giga drain as eggmoves ~
Suppose ill be taking suggestions for other improvments like eggMs, nature and stuff?
Sorry they arent shiny...  D:

Looking forward to your requests ~
Deposited a level 8 male drifloon named Eggs in a ultra ball. IGN is Justin and the message reads "please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance" If possible can I get a modest nature one please?

was just sniped. So I'll redeposit when you'll be able to trade
@SnekSquad24 Ugh I can't believe it got sniped -_____- lol I'll post an exeggcute requesting a drifloon cause I gtg out
Hi @wartty I have just deposited a Drifloon, level 1, normal pokeball. OT: Andy

Thank you for this giveaway. I was just going to start the process of trying to get a harvest Exeggcute.
@bigsmooth14 goddamnit it got sniped thats so annoying why are people trading useless drifloon for exeggcute -_________- idk I'll have to figure out a less popular Pokemon that's still semi accessable... I guess I'll just keep an eye out for you but I'll post an exeggcute requesting a drifloon for now on the gts
@wartty cool man ! very useful indeed Smile

well i deposited a pokemon yesterday on gts that still havnt been traded, but i'll post here when that is done Smile
thanks for helping with this ^^
see you soon !
@Mish Jagger if your gts is full I'll post an exeggcute requesting a drifloon, maybe I'll just keep posting exeggcute so I'm giving them out in 2 ways :p
@wartty have you acutally done that ? Smile
@darkkosino . ^^^^
What is a signature and how do I get one?
@wartty hey how r u ? Smile
my gts is still not free, just wondering if you'd deposit an exeggcute on gts, or if you'd rather trade directly i'm on the plazza Smile
no worries if you cn't i'll just wait for my pokemon to be traded Smile

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