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Bulky Scizor
16 17.39%
Offensive Kangaskhan
8 8.70%
Scarf Magmortar
6 6.52%
Physical Electivire
15 16.30%
8 8.70%
Bulky Pinsir
2 2.17%
Eviolite Porygon2
30 32.61%
Dynamic Punch Machamp
7 7.61%
Total 92 vote(s) 100%
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[GIVEAWAY] Vinnie Features #16: Dynamic Punch Machamp
Welcome to the sixteenth edition of Vinnie Features.
''Vinnie features'' is a collection of Pokemon I had fun with, love using or (imo) great in competitive play.
It's a concept I have been thinking of creating, since I recently started my journey in the competitive aspect of Pokemon.
I am in no means an expert in Pokemon battling and I'm doing it just for fun.
I like experimenting with different pokemons, moves and teams (and losing horribly with them).

Sun & Moon only!
[Image: 7a149849947026f70328434cdc88c701.jpg]
After last week's Porygon2 we're moving on to Machamp, the superpower pokemon

It is said that Machamp punches extremely fast, 500 punches a second.
Doesn't really make sense that his base speed is only 55 ingame then does it?
What's up with that Gamefreak?
It's also said that he can move a mountain with just one arm.
Well, that seems a bit over the top
But he can hit like a truck with Dynamic Punch
So ye maybe?

[Image: pure_muscle_battle_by_namh-d9apjb4.jpg]


Machamp's main attack is Dynamic Punch
Dynamic Punch is a hard hitting fighting move which also confuses the target
but has a mere 50% accuracy
This is where Machamp's ability No Guard comes in
No Guard will make Machamp never miss, but your opponent never misses you as well
Knock Off and Stone Edge are great coverage moves
and Bullet Punch to finish off opponents with low health


[Image: 068.gif]        [Image: 068.gif]

  Normal   or   Shiny

Machamp @ Assault Vest  
Ability: No Guard  
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD  
Adamant Nature  
- Dynamic Punch  
- Knock Off  
- Stone Edge  
- Bullet Punch
The rules:

1. Only via GTS.
2. Deposit a Meowth

     [Image: 600px-052Meowth-Alola.png]

3. Please request Lv 91+ only!
4. Let me know if you want a normal one or a shiny.
5. In order to get a Machamp please fill in the form below.

Shiny (yes or no):
Pokemon Deposited:

6. Wait for it..

This giveaway will close January the 15th.

I can't seem to find the artist for the first image anywhere
Artwork ''Pure Muscle Battle'' by Namh
Quote:Shiny (yes or no): Yay !
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth
Gender: Female ♀
Level: 8
IGN: Lanréi

Thanks Super Vinnie !  :P
Shiny: yes
pokemon deposited: meowth
level: 16
ign: Ares
thank you
Shiny: Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth
Gender: male 
Level: 1
IGN: Karol
Shiny (yes or no): Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth
Gender: Male
Level: 7
IGN: Eric
Shiny (yes or no): yes
Pokemon Deposited: meowth
Gender: 29
Level: male
IGN: Michael
Shiny (yes or no): Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth
Gender: Female
Level: 1
IGN: Feeiii
Thanks for the giveaway =)
Shiny: Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth
Gender: Female 
Level: 6
IGN: William

Thanks in advance for the giveaway!
Shiny (yes or no): No
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth
Gender: Male
Level: 34

Shiny: Yes
Pokemon Deposited: Meowth (Trash)
Gender: male 
Level: 18
IGN: Asif

Thanks @Vinnie !!!
High impact memes
<3 Fire Emblem <3 Pokémon

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