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[GIVEAWAY] Water Type Time!
Hello, You guys may remember me from my ORAS giveaways. I've been playing SM for a while now and have found some mons to give away. They are not going to be as rare as ORAS because as you may know, Gamefreak shiny locked most of the cool mons (Cover legendaries - as usual, Ultra beasts and others, however, I will try and make them as worthwhile as possible. My first giveaway will be open for about 2-3 weeks to get as many people as possible and I will try and keep it up to date. 


1: RetroTyphlosion
2: Corrosion2424
3: iimlF4nT4Sy
4: Adridia
5: TimeTwist
6: wartty
9: TheAlmightySancho
10: Perch Pond
11: Markyice94
12: flamingstrike
13: P35
14: Sun Juan
15: Brootox
16: Mermalain
17: BoobagElite117
18: garagegeek21
19: Enrique154
20: bendikr
21: camjay99
22: Master_jug
24: Aqua The Sightseeing Feminist
25: bambam081890
26: Ninjames85
27: Oddish 4 ever

Let's go through some of the prizes. 
4th Prize: Shiny Pikipek
3rd Prize: Shiny Rockruff
2nd Prize: Shiny Crabrawler
1st Prize: Shiny Corsola and Shiny Mareanie.

So I hope you enjoy these prizes. Good luck and have fun and go win something!

To enter, post "ENTER". Make sure it's in full caps so I know you have read this whole post. 
I will trade the prizes over trade so if you want your prize quicker, have your friend code in your profile. Otherwise, I'll have to PM you. 

Thanks again, and good luck. This will run till the 23rd of August.Reputation is thanked but not needed.

Here are the winners. I will add you if your friend code is shown if it isn't then please PM me your friend code.

Shiny Pikipek - TheAlmightySancho - CLAIMED!
Shiny Rockruff - P35 - CLAIMED!
Shiny Crabrawler - Chansey - CLAIMED!
Shiny Corsola and Mareanie - wartty - CLAIMED

Please add me so we can trade prizes. If you prizes are not claimed in 5 days and you don't respond to a PM, they will be given to someone else. If you have DS problems, that's fine. Just let me know.

Also, give me suggestions on what you want to see for other giveaways. 

Two winners have not claimed
there prizes and have not responded to the PM's. In this case in my giveaways. I give the prizes to other people as if you enter a giveaway I think it is always good to keep checking to see if you have won. 

The two new winners are here and have been notified by PM. 

Shiny Rockruff - "P35" 
Shiny Corsola and Mareanie - "

​​​​​​Thank you for this giveaway! Hope I get that Corsola Big Grin !
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Might as well join in since I have nothing to do
isn't it a shame gemefreak shinylocks all the good pokemon
Is it time to have some luck? Sleepy


Really hoping for Pikipek <3
B a d C o p

I exist halfway inside the universe and I can only speak, no direct interaction. Damn shame really. If I win I guess I'll have to wait a while.
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