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[GIVEAWAY] free pokegen! [any pokemon except events]
Zapdos @ sitrus berry
modest nature
(IVs in SpAtk, HP, and Speed you be clutch, everything else can be 30 or whatever necessary for HP Ice)

Hidden Power Ice if possible, if not heat wave

evs:114speed, 144spatk, 252hp

Is this still going on?
If this is still going on, I would like:
Camerupt @ Cameruptite (It's cool if you can't include the item, I already have one)
Quiet Nature
Ability: Magma Armor (Doesn't matter, turns into Sheer Force after mega)
Level: 100
Gender: Male
IVs: 31, 0, 31, 31, 31, 0
Sunny Day
Heat Wave
Solar Beam
Earth Power
EV: 216 HP/ 40 DEF/ 252 Sp.A
IGN: Jordan
FC: Look Left =)

Thanks in advance!
(Feb 1, 2015, 03:40 PM)2 swig 4 you Wrote: Pokemon: Gallade
Nickname: Wuju
Shiny: Yes
Pokeball: Pokeball
EV's: 250 Att 250 Spd rest in def (tell me if this is wrong i cant remember the max)
IV's: 6/6
Move Set: Thunder Wave
False Swipe
Close Combat
Ability: HA (if there is one)
Nature: Something good
Item: Galladite
Gender: Male
LVL: 59-100
IGN: Alex
FC: Should be under my name
Mii Name: Beautiful

Tyranitar @ Tyranitarite
Brave nature
ability: sand stream
shadow claw
dragon tail
evs:252speed, 252atk, 252hp
pm me on my new twitch account (fluttershybestmlppony) when done cos i lost my realjoe account password and to lazy to change it
IGN: Qbert
FC: under old twitch name
Can I get a perfect iv (if you can japineze) ditto and holding leftovers.thanks
Hey, is this still going? If so could I please have a 6iv ditto. Thank you
Pokemon: Steelix
Nickname: (none)
Item: dawn stone
Shiny: Yes
Level: Lv 100
Nature: Relaxed
IVs: (all)
EVs: (any)
Ability: (any)
Pokeball: Master ball
Country: Japan
Moves: Double Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, and Irontail
Gender: Female
FC: 1521-4196-7642
IGN: Jenni
Thanks in advanve! Smile
All ze pokemanz you can think of

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