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Hi There + Friend Safari
Just wanted to say hi, I've heard a lot about the awesome community here but I've always been a little forum shy. However, since this year is the 20th anniversary for Pokemon, I really got back into playing my games and getting into shiny hunting. I'm currently trying to complete my national dex. If anyone wants to help me with that (mostly to touch trade legendaries) that would be superb, just send me a PM.  Blush

I'm always down for adding people for Friend Safari, so please feel free to do and let me know so I can add you back! I have a Psychic Safari with the following Pokemon: Grumpig, Espurr and Gothorita. I'm willing to add everyone, but I'm short on the following safari's so it would be most appreciated if you could add me.

Ghost, Electric, Dragon, Steel, Fairy, Rock and Poison are the safari's I'm hoping to add to the list.
I have rock safari with onix nosepass and barbaracle I think lol, I´m all sure of the rock part, I´ll add you now :D
Welcome to the site! Enjoy your time here! I sadly do not know if I have a friend safari and if I do, I don't know what it is lol. But nevertheless welcome!
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Welcome to the forum! 
Your number one flying-type trainer!
Nice to meet you! I have addedyou and my safari is grass. I think its Gogoat and Sunkern I am not 100% sue about that.
I wish you luck on the forum and the national dex :D
Hey nice to meet you! Welcome to the forums :D I hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome! I've got a rock safari with Magcargo, Dwebble, and Barbaracle.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and sorry for taking so long to reply!

@Anton, @veven  I've added you both back, but it seems you haven't added me yet? Huh  

@pritchman227 I'm more than happy to add you and let your know what your Safari is. If you play OR/AS then you can't access my Safari as it's exclusive to X/Y, but your friend code determines your Safari regardless of what you play! 

@Excalibur0126 I'd love to have your Safari, if you could add me back, that would be awesome. :D
@Veroxion thanks! That'd be really nice for you to do. I am unfortunately been swamped with irl things like graduation, a senior project that I must pass to graduate, and I have the high school play that I am helping with (assistant director for the win lol)
Pokemon trainer since 2004!

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