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[IMPORTANT] December Meet and Greet - It's Snow Minor Feat
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Seasons Greetings to each and everyone of you.  My name is @FireTaco and I'm here with this Month's Meet and Greet.

If you are new to our humble little corner of the internet, may I be the first to say welcome.  For those of you who have been here for a while, glad to see you sticking around.  These Meet and Greets we host here serve as an opportunity to get new Members to break free of the lurking bug and come and tell us your interests, while veterans can come and join in on the fun once again.  All of us at the Mod Team look forward to interacting with you all, and hope you stick around. If you've got questions or issues, contact any of the Staff via PMs, that is our Kahunas @moo311, @Kris and @yung lord, the Forum's Moderators, @stephenWITNESS @0kamii or Myself.

Now lets Plow on to this month's featured theads:

- Amethyst 0mega, our resident guild here on Pokemon Forever, is currently hosting a Giveaway on some Fall Themed Pokemon as a send off as we head December.  Feel free to check it out here:

- My fellow Mod @"0kamii, made a thead a while back about our favorites Ultra Beasts.  You can join in on thhe converstaion about these peculiar members of the pokemon world here:

To our new members, here are some Sub Forms to help you get started:

-  General discusion is the home off most of our pokemon related discussions, Feel free to check it our if you feel like talking about the games here:

-  In need of a new member of your team?  Feel like you just can't find a good enough counter to that one pokemon that ends up steam rolling you?  Well you're in luck because those questions and many more helpful theads are able to assist you in the world of competitive pokemon.  Check it out in both here : and here:

-  We have many generous people who are willing to put on Giveaways here on the site for us.  Feel free to pop in and check them out here:

Finally, we like to have members join in the conversation by asking a few questions.  

1. Smash Ultimate is the newest game titles with pokemon out on the switch right now.  What are your thoughts about the new game ?

  -  As someone who doesn't have a switch personally, but will leech off of some friends.  I'm pretty excited over Joker being added soon as well.  

2. Since we won't be expecting a main steam pokemon game for a while thanks to the release of the Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, what games while you be playing in the meantime?

  -  While I did get Pokemon HeartGold a few weeks ago, I have been getting back into an old hobby of mine with Magic the Gathering.  I was pretty into it until 2 years ago when I started to buckle down on stuff.  However, now that I started to open my old decks and work with them again, I got hooked once more.  I'm looking forward to trying to get back into the meta with them now seeing as I still can't handle playing meta in pokemon.

3. Seeing as the New Year is comming around the corner, what are some resolutions that you want follow when 2019 hits?

  -  For myself, I want to continue working on story building and creating plots.  It has been a new thing for me since I started doing it around March of this year, but it has honestly be surprisingly relaxing for me when I have spare time.  On top of that would be the general, go exercise more, eat better, ect.

Now, I would like you all to get the ball rolling and ask another user a question.  I'll start,

@Dova @stephenWITNESS @Black Waterfall @Misteroffensive @DrumminBeard 

Since it is getting to be the colder months in the US, what is your favorite Ice type pokemon?

Hope to see all of you down below,


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