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[IMPORTANT] The April Meet & Greet - A Spring In Your Feet!
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G'day friends, Kris here presenting to you the April edition of the Forum's Meet & Greet! Before we kick things off, let's credit fellow user @The_Flaine for that pretty rad Politoed header for this Month!

If you've been on the Forum for a while, good to see you sticking around, but if you're a new user, or a Guest, please, feel free to join our Forums and interact! We're friendly and love to trade, battle and discuss our love of Pokemon! Do you like Shiny Hunting, Competitive BattlingTrading or just playing the game normally, whatever you like, come join us! The Monthly Meet & Greet serves as an opportunity to get new Members to break free of the lurking bug and come and tell us your interests, while veterans can come and join in on the fun once again. Us at the Mod Team look forward to interacting with you all, and hope you stick around. If you've got questions or issues, contact any of the Staff via PMs, that is myself and fellow Kahunas @moo311 and @"yung lord", the Forum's Moderators, @stephenWITNESS @0kamii and @FireTaco or the Site Admins @Justin and @Agro

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Featured This Month:
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We love battles here at the Forums, like to battle seriously or for fun? Why not head on over to our Competitive discussion forums for movesets, strategies, and even battle requests!

Are you looking to complete your PokéDex, but can't find those pesky last few Pokemon? Then go to the Trading, Breeding, & Friend Safari Section for all your Trading needs.

I like free stuff, you like free stuff! The Giveaways forum is home to all of our Giveaways, go check it out and grab yourself some cool free Pokemon or Items etc. 

Want to chat with us in real time? Check out the community Discord Server, link on the bottom right of your screen. Downloading isn't necessary, and it's all completely free!
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Share with us!
  • With Pokemon just offically announcing the Mythical Pokemon, Zeraorawhat's your favourite Mythical Pokemon?
Marshadow is my favourite Mythical, it's Ghost-Fighting type makes it very powerful in battles, and it's design is really adorable!
  • It's Spring, cooler and moderate temperatures means it's a great season to get some excercise, so what, if any, kind of sports do you play?
I don't play sports, but I've been a fan of Volleyball and Soccer for a while now. 
  • If you've been around the Forums for a while, or only recently, I'd love to know, how did you find PokemonForever?
I found the Forums while looking for the Shiny Counter that Justin had in his streams and highlights. I've been lurking as a guest since 2015, and joined early 2017.
  • Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot both have remasters for their original games, that said, what classic game do you want to see Remastered?
I would love to see a remaster of the original Banjo-Kazooie on the N64, now updated for the Switch! I want to see it given to Playtonic and have them work on it and bring back the Bird and Bear duo!
  • Time to turn the tables! Tag a forum user and ask them a question using @. Like this, @MajesticMamoswine , is Mamoswine your favourite Pokemon? If so, how come?
If you're a bit shy to come and talk, don't worry, just simply come and say hello! We're always ready to lend a helping hand, so please enjoy what our community has to offer!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all soon!

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