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[IMPORTANT] The March Meet & Greet - A Month to Compete!
@Hojunhu Animekid7 is on an 'extended' vacation, nothing to worry about
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Ha! You've underestimated my stupidity.
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Shout out to @0kamii for making this months killer meet and greet. Anyway, on to the questions!
    Keeping in theme with the month of lucky things, this mod has to to ask:

  • What's the luckiest thing that's ever happen to you? (Doesn't have to be pokémon related)
    - I can't say I'm too lucky tbh Sad lol I did catch s shiny Trapinch in my Omega Ruby playthrough so probably that!

  • Everyone loves music! What's your favorite style? Favorite artist?
    - I don't really have a favourite style but I've been listening to a lot of Max Richter lately, definitely worth checking out!

  • If you're a new user, you surely must've put some thought into your username. Why did you choose the username that you did?
    - It's just my name and a band I used to be in back in the day, nothing fancy.

  • Time to turn the tables! Tag a forum user and ask them a question using @.
    @ChaseInfinity why didn't animekid not fill out the meet and greet Huh
    @Vapidjohnson I saw you in the 6IV ditto giveway. What pokemon are you planning on breeding with it and is it for shiny hunting or comp?

Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
I know i already made a post on this, but i just wanted to make a quick one to say, happy St.Patricks day to everyone Smile
Thank you, @0kamii for this Meet & Greet (I'm not too late to do it!) 
  1. What do I want on the Switch? Umm, actually owning one....
  2. Luckiest thing that's ever happened to me? Hmmmm.... The only thing I can really think of is when I caught my first shiny Tentacool, and how things always seem to fall into place when I need them most. I should be grateful for that.
  3. Favorite music? I'm actually a violinist, and I enjoy classical pieces. I also enjoy ameteur pieces, I think they can be more epic than written for professionals. Here's a few I've been really liking lately:

4. I decided to pick Typhlosion, because it is my favorite Pokemon, and Retro, because it sounded cool together. 

Suppose I'd better respond to my tags....

@Black Waterfall Ah, I only wish Typhlosion could be used competitively....

@Kris I've been doing great, and its even better to hear from you again!  Smile  What about you?

And, for my tags....

@"yung lord" What ever happened to Slec?

@FireTaco Who is your REAL senpai?

@Tenebris_Kane Haven't seen you in a while. You still doing okay?

VGC|Breeding|Forum Regular|Amethyst 0mega

PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
@RetroTyphlosion his house got on fire and died, f to pay respects
In response to @Black Waterfalls question "Why Squirtle/Blastoise is your favorite Pokemon? "

Squirtle was my chosen starter back in Gen I and after I made that decision I never looked back, Squirtle has always been a favortie of mine ever since and I have even chosen to play Squirtle in most of my Mystery dungeon games  Big Grin

In response to @RetroTyphlosion s Question "Haven't seen you in a while. You still doing okay?"

This is a long one and a question that I planned on answering to everyone in the forums anyway, I know I disappeared for a while and I actually feel guilty about that but a lot has come up over the past while and instead of answering this directly here I will refer you here instead where I talk in length about most of the things that are happening.
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)
(Mar 12, 2018, 02:43 PM)Umbreon9004 Wrote: Well i must say im quite impressed. the sight has managed to stay aloft for many months and even years. You dont see that in many cases. i suppose pokemon really does have special powers over people huh? Well im still relatively new to the whole site in general. probably stuff i still dont know how to do here, but overall id say my experience was enjoyable. I find myself wishing good luck to those that love pokemon or nintendo. or both works fine. I suppose i should give my own answers for the questions....right then. here goes

>Which games are you the most excited about coming to Switch?
Well coming from a person who loves the Nintendo universe, id say lots of these have me hyped. but for me, the games im most excited for are Luigis Mansion and Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside story (no idea why they skipped partners in time but...meh). The reason is simple. I never played the originals. Well ok, i DID play the originals but i never owned my own copy of them. so seeing them get remade and released for a 3DS has me ecstatic. Also i wrote the games coming to 3DS because i dont even have a switch. still i guess the smash bros game is cool. it just looks like the same smash game but for the switch though. also new characters maybe.

>What's the luckiest thing that's ever happen to you?
Luck? pfft. lucks never really been on my side all that often. I dont have too good of a memory either. so heres just one incident i thought was lucky. Beating games when you have less then 10 health. ive had my moments. like mario and luigi dream team. sorry i cant be more specific, but thats what i get for having terrible memory

>What's your favorite style? Favorite artist?
I dont really play favorites when it comes to music. its either i like it or i dont. I suppose i find myself tuned into music that keeps a good beat and where the lyrics are Blue by eiffel 46(or whatever number it is idc...)...and yes i like that song. so if you dont...sue me.

>Why did you choose the username that you did?
Alright so first of all, Umbreon is amazing to me as a pokemon. and its shiny is beautiful to me as well. i have my reasons. as for the 9004 part....I might like the dragonball z joke its over 9000 wayyy too much...dont judge.

>Time to turn the tables! Tag a forum user and ask them a question:
Oh boy i get to try this out...lets hope this goes well since im gonna be straight up about my questions

Yes i chose Dova, and i right this. Dear Dova, since you have experience in the shiny trade shop buisness, im sure lots of people are wondering, which of the (over 800 i assume) pokemon has the best shiny in your oppinion?
Ive always prefered red and black shinues like Charizard and/or pink shinies like Jumpluff, but Nuzleaf is actually my favorite shiny because of it being my first caught shiny aswell as the orange.
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
(Mar 12, 2018, 08:11 PM)Black Waterfall Wrote:
(Mar 12, 2018, 01:29 PM)FireTaco Wrote: @Black Waterfall What's your opinion on water types?

@FireTaco Thanks for the tag! Oh man, what a difficult question! So let me tackle the easy ones first! Wink

Which games are you the most excited about coming to Switch?

Unfortunately I bought a 3DS to play Sun & Moon, I know that I was a bit too late but at least I had fun for two years. I can't be very happy with the fact that now I will have to buy a Switch to enjoy the next Pokemon games, even though I understand that they already extinguished everything they could do on 3DS and that now it is time to move on. I still don't have a Switch so I don't have any Switch games in mind.

What's the luckiest thing that's ever happen to you?

Meeting my wife in a language exchange website when I was just trying to practice my German. Smile

What's your favorite style? Favorite artist?

I like a lot of music styles, but the ones I listen to the most are Pop and Rock. I used to like the Finish power metal band Sonata Actica a lot a few years ago, and recently I came accross this amazing version of Gotta Catch 'Em All by Powerglove featuring the vocalist of Sonata Actica, Tony Kakko.

Why did you choose the username that you did?

Well, why do I have Waterfall on my username since I claim to be a Fire-type specialist? Well, that's a long (and hopefully interesting) story!

Everything can be traced back to the boy in my profile picture — the original 'Black Waterfall', a fictional character I created for a Pokemon tabletop RPG campaign that I played (as Black) with my friends for four to five years.

The main story was set in Kanto fifty years in the future, that is, fifty years after Red became the champion in Gen I. So Black was born in Cerulean city and he was the youngest of the now renowned Waterfall family, a family that gained fame and projection in the Pokemon world as top tier Water-type trainers over the past years. In fact, the Waterfall family was so powerful that they owned the Water-type gym itself and the head of the family (Black's father) had great hopes that Black could become his successor as the next gym leader.

Unfortunately for Black, he was always a hopeless Fire-type Pokemon'aholic since the day he was born, the black sheep of the family. For the shame of the Waterfall family, as soon as Black turned eleven (Pokemon universe's adulthood!), he left home, chose a not a Squirtle but a Charmander as his starter and set his new life goal: to become the next Fire-type gym leader and defeat his father to prove Fire-type Pokemon’s worth! He was also addicted to a fictional TV series called 'Rapidash Raiders' about cool Old West cowboys riding Rapidashes (that probably explains his cowboyish style).

In a sense I guess that 'Waterfall' fits very well too, because Black's aim in life is to make Water-type Pokemon fall! Playing as Black was so fun for me that I unconsciously took over his identity (and his challenge to face Water, Ground and Rock with Fire) as a Pokemon player myself!

So What's Black opinion on water types? Given this background story and Black's trauma with Water-type users, the only possible answer is that the best Water-type Pokemon is Volcanion and all the other ones are armed and dangerous threats to be eliminated! >:D (Just a joke, all Pokemon are awesome)

Time to turn the tables! Tag a forum user and ask them a question:

@Tenebris_Kane Why Squirtle/Blastoise is your favorite Pokemon? 
@RetroTyphlosion What are your thoughts on making Typhlosion viable competitively speaking?
@Dova Are you planning on using Incineroar now that its HA is legal?
@Pokeballsohard Out of curiosity, what is your favorite Pokemon and why?

Duh,  Black
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ

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