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[IMPORTANT] The March Meet & Greet - A Month to Compete!
@Hojunhu Animekid7 is on an 'extended' vacation, nothing to worry about
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Ha! You've underestimated my stupidity.
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Shout out to @0kamii for making this months killer meet and greet. Anyway, on to the questions!
    Keeping in theme with the month of lucky things, this mod has to to ask:

  • What's the luckiest thing that's ever happen to you? (Doesn't have to be pokémon related)
    - I can't say I'm too lucky tbh Sad lol I did catch s shiny Trapinch in my Omega Ruby playthrough so probably that!

  • Everyone loves music! What's your favorite style? Favorite artist?
    - I don't really have a favourite style but I've been listening to a lot of Max Richter lately, definitely worth checking out!

  • If you're a new user, you surely must've put some thought into your username. Why did you choose the username that you did?
    - It's just my name and a band I used to be in back in the day, nothing fancy.

  • Time to turn the tables! Tag a forum user and ask them a question using @.
    @ChaseInfinity why didn't animekid not fill out the meet and greet Huh
    @Vapidjohnson I saw you in the 6IV ditto giveway. What pokemon are you planning on breeding with it and is it for shiny hunting or comp?

Why Not Zoidberg?
I know i already made a post on this, but i just wanted to make a quick one to say, happy St.Patricks day to everyone Smile

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