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[IMPORTANT] The November Meet & Greet - The Time to Entreat!
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Legends in making! It's 0kamii, bringing you the highly anticipated November Meet & Greet!

For those of you that have just joined us, might I say...Welcome to PokémonForever! However you found out little corner of the internet, if you love pokémon and all things weird and wonderful, you're in the right place. The monthly Meet & Greet is meant to draw out of hiding all those users that lay dormat among the forums to say hi. Sometimes, the regulars will even pop in and say hello as well! Unbelievable, right? Our site has always been a welcoming place for all things pokémon-related. Myself, @0kamii, along with our other wonderful mods, @FireTaco, and @stephenWITNESS will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns. The rest of the team, Kahunas @croissant, @Kris, and @Tenebris_Kane are here to help as well. Shoot any of us a message if y'all ever need any help with something. Don't forget to notify @Justin, Our Lord, and @Agro, our site admins for technical issues. We have a little bit of everything here, so let's jump on in!
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Featured This Month:
  • Amethyst 0mega's own @Tenebris_Kane is hosting a 6IV Ditto giveaway right here! If you have need of this little breeding blob, pay him a visit and he'll have one for you!
  • Curious what Pokémon has in connection with Evangelion? Stop by @Kris's post to learn all about the links between two seemingly unrealted series.
  • And finally, I acquired an extra Zeraora code when I went to claim my copy of Gen 7's last mythical pokémon! I will be raffling it off before the code expires 11/9. Enter here!
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Get Started with the Forums:
  • Loving talking about pokémon? Want someone to chat with about a topic you like? Visit the General Discussion forum. Keep it G-rated, and you can explore any topic you want.
  • Interested in Competitive Pokémon? We have two forums for that. Competitive Movesets and Competitive Discussion. Keep up with the lastest news on VGC and tier lists, and stop by Pikalytics for comprehensive usage stats on what's popular this meta.
  • Want more our of the community's tradning, breeding, and Friend Safari scene? Go to our dedicated forums to trade at your heart's content.
  • We also have separate forums for giveaways, announcements, and tutorials. Stop by any of them at your leizure for tips, trick, and the everyone's favorite...FREE STUFF (giveaways, info, news, etc.)!
Don't forget to register on our Discord channel, over in a thaterly direction ⇒. If you want live discussion on all topics with other users and the mods, there's nowhere else to be!
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Share With Us:

Here's the part where we ask our awesome forum users some questions, and then you have to tag another user once you answer them. Here, I'll start us off!

1.) Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee release in less than two weeks, and this mod couldn't be more excited! Which one are you getting? If either.

If I have the money to afford both a Switch and one or the other, I'm definitely grabbing Let's Go Eevee. It's nice to see the little guy finally get some spotlight, and next to the series mascot of all things.

2.) It's officially November. I'm sure you all have plans for the holiday. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

With luck, takeout Chinese...

3.) Our unofficial mascot mon of the month, Autumn Sawsbuck, comes to us from the great artist on DeviantArt AnimeMan90. Not everyone is as talented as they are, but if you've drawn or saved anything pokémon-related, we'd love to see it!

I'd rather post something my partner, @The_Flaine, drew. He's FAR more talented than I am. He drew this a few months ago, called it "Chibipardos."
[Image: 9cuWSGs.jpg]
Time to tag a forum member! But who says I only have to do one? I'm going to tag the new users: @Hayden D, @Frostytacos", @ReEmperor, and @nonstopdiarrhea. Let's see how many responses we can get from the new members of our community!

Even if you're just visiting and don't want to register, you can still take advantage of the site's community. We always welcome new people and we're always willing to help out our users! And again, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome to PokémonForever!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

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