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Im back! Wait, who was I again. . .
Sup, Im back from my 'hiatus. Pokemon just got boring for a while and I was also smacked with Fortnite, Oblivion, and a crap ton of homework. So I floated away from pokemon for a bit but now I back here where I belong. I feel like I need to tie 100 anchors to my leg and drop them here so I stop leaving randomly. As for anyone wanting to take part in my GA its open so go do that, I guess. Finally I want to mention that as my school year comes to its final 3 months it will get really hectic and I wont be able to be on as much. Not to mention how church takes my freetime on Wendsday and Football on Tuesday and Thursday leaving me Saturdays, some Fridays and Mondays as well as half of Sunday to do as I please and with alot of new things to do Pokemon will definetly not be at the forefront of that time but I still love it. I will be glad when Summer gets here even though then Ill have baseball.
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Good to see you back @Dova
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Im always looking for new HA's, EM's, and mons in rare balls.
PM me if you wanna trade for something.
Welcome back @Dova! Hope we can have a few more battles together Tongue
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Don't you dare leave me again, it gets pretty boring!
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(Feb 26, 2018, 09:35 AM)TheAlmightySancho Wrote: Don't you dare leave me again, it gets pretty boring!

Dont worry, it only happens every few months, lol. Like the new title thing, describes me rn, but with Oblivion.
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