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[LOOKING FOR] Hidden abilitys
(Jun 16, 2018, 12:40 PM)MisterFantasmo Wrote: Hello, I'm looking for an Iron Fist chimchar to use for breeding in Pokemon Moon. I can't really offer any valuable pokemon in return. The most valuable pokemon I can give in return is Regenerate Mareanie. I could also just use the chimchar as a rental type thing where I breed my own with iron fist from it and then send you the original back. Hit me up if you're willing to help me out. Thanks!

im only looking for the above list
guys stop asking for ones on my post and make your own i wont trade you unless you have the above mons i want hidden ability
@Bvbarmykyra @MisterFantasmo The Fire-type Breedject Center is reopen! 

Please make your new relevant requests in that thread from now on. Smile
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come discord
and tell me what you need... and i will try .. :x
(in that list not all i have HA and i only can help in ultra sun and moon .. oras and x and y cant help much... though)

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