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List of trades
Oh my fault that would be great!
@moo311 Thx
"To believe in an ideal, is to be willing to betray it"
                 VGC, Friend Safari, Masuda
@moo311 I'm going to go online now Smile
Thank you so much!!
Hey @moo311 , sorry for missing our time, I was super busy this weekend, and it totally slipped my mind, can we still trade? I can do basically any time in the next 8 hours (until 1 am PST), or tmrw anytime 9am-5pm PST. Sorry again!!
@turtkko Can you trade 4:30 PM PST Wednesday?

Hey @moo311 sorry, Wednesdays are my busiest days, I probably won't be home until midnight, but I can probably do sometime between 5-8pm PST if that works?
hey can we set something up for that mew i asked you to make me :p thanks again a bunch :p
@turtkko I can change the day to Thursday.
@JoeBoss23 Can you trade 7 PM EST Thursday?

yes I don't see any reason why not at this moment @moo311

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