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[MOVIES] Harry Potter: Did you enjoy them ?
Hi everyone, for who is interested in the Movies & Books, have you read them or have you watched them ? (Or both ?)

When i was little i saw them 'Mixed'' From 1 to 2 to 3 to 6 or less( Only ones i didn't watch were the last 2 i think)

[Image: harrypo.jpg]

About the Third movie i liked the Werewolf getting ''beated up '' by the ''Grifindor animal''

Which Movies of Harry potter were your favorites or do you have some more interest in the Books ? Share your opinions with the world, and the magic will happen !
(Note: I will read the comments but i don't think i will respond, i just saw some new small things about pokemon that i wanted to share, so after i post this i will be working on that for ya all on the ''Pokemon section'')
The entire craze of Harry Potter was after my time. So I never got into them.

Things like memes involving them go over my head too.

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