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[NEW MEMBER] Hiya, Pokémon Forever
Hey there! Since you've played a lot of the earlier Pokemon games you're definitely gonna wanna beat USUM and play the extra chapter. Trust me, I loved it and I played Pokemon Blue as it came out in North America.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
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Hi @bluefaded and welcome to the site! I dont really do alot but I have started breeding for competitive Pokemon and enjoy shiny hunting.  I must be doing something right here though On here I trade alot of shinies, make random plans and try to help out. This place is awesome and I know youll love it.
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Welcome to the site, bluefaded. Happy to have you here with us.

Don't hesitate to PM @0kamii or the other mods should you need anything. There's constant giveaways and tournaments almost monthly, surely you'll never be bored. And I post artwork as often as I can too.

Hope you get cozy.  Big Grin

What he said. Welcome to the site, blue. Nice to have you join us.  Smile

- 0kamii
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@bluefaded You are probably tired of hearing the same line dozens of times now but: welcome to the Pokemon Forever community!  Big Grin

Just as you and many others here I love watching anime too (I just finished watching My Hero Academia Season 2), and, of course, playing RPG (D&D rules!). And I also love talking about maths, logic and philosophy :D.​​​​​​ Anyway feel free to PM me about any nerd cool stuff...

...or Fire-Type Pokemon! Smile Smile

I am always interested in trading or breeding Fire-Type Pokemon. I love battling as well, and you will often find me in Showdown participating in Random, OU Singles and, since recently, Monotype battles.

Nice to meet you!
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