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[NEW MEMBER] I'm new here
Hi, I just made an account. So far, I'm enjoying this site and have been using the teambuiler to see my team's type synergy which has been EXTREMELY helpful. Though, I don't have an interest in shiny hunting but I really enjoy teambuilding, mainly OU and UU. 

Are there ways to get battle challenges or send challenges from/to others. And are there tournaments/leagues ever held here?
Welcome to the site!
Welcome! I don't do that much when it comes to battling, my area is mainly trading.

We were considering setting up a Pokemon League here, but @Dova has been absent so I don't think we ever got round to starting it.
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@ThinkInk Welcome to the forums! If you want to find users to battle with you can make a thread in the battle request subforum or try asking on our Discord server. As far as tournamentsx unfortunately we haven't had one of those in a while. We do have a weekly battle the mods stream on twitch, it's more casual orientated but we do have a few serious battlers pop by the odd time.
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
@FireTaco organized a pretty cool tournament a few months ago too. We should have more of those, and I definitively support the idea of our own Pokemon League. I miss @Dova by the way.

@ThinkInk Welcome to the community! I play OU (casually) too, we should have a battle sometime!
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Unfortunately, I stopped playing competitive about 3 years ago, I am more focused in game.

I think there are tournaments and something like that hosted regularly~

And remember to check out the Discord Channel too! Smile
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