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[NEW MEMBER] If I shall introduce myself..
Hey there people! Although I have made 2 threads and snooped around here for about a month or 2.. I haven't introduced myself to you all.
As the name shows I am CrystaleeMew and if the profile picture or the name hasn't already hinted, I love Crystal from Pokespe way to much.
I'm a 15 year old who loves to draw. I mostly do drawings of Crystal as shown in my 2 threads I created so far but the other stuff I draw when it's not Crystal or Kris, are Sonic characters (Mostly Sonic) and some simple Mario stuff, I try to be creative also when it comes to my sketches and add some sort of twist into them when I think of a good idea about it. I also love to share my art to others and hear about their input and what to do to improve.
I'm a huge fan of Platforming game genres with Mario, and Sonic games being my top 3 game franchises with Pokemon and if you want to know my favorite games from those 3 titles they are, Mario Sunshine (3D) Mario World (2D), Sonic Mania (2D) Sonic Adventure (3D) and Pokemon Crystal (gen 2) followed up by Pokemon White (gen 5).. Also have love for Kirby But I've only played Star allies, Super Star and Adventure/Return to Dreamland
What I love as well is to help people out with any problems they have since I can't bare to leave people upset and feeling alone. I want to try my best to make everyone as happy as possible even if I can't do much to help them out.
Although I'm quite a shy person I really do like making friends even if it does take longer for me to reach out my comfort zone to actually talk.
That's basically all I gotta say right now, I hope I can chat to most of you around the site, but for now... Bye!

Hi, CrystaleeMew!

We're excited to have you here, and thanks for 'officially' joining us. If you've been poking around the forums for a month or so, then you probably already know how everything works and where it all is. Therefore, I'll keep the intro short.

Welcome to the site! If you have any questions, feel free to PM myself, the other mods (@FireTaco or @stephenWITNESS) or one of our other Kahunas (@"yung lord", @moo311 and @Kris).

Hope you enjoy your stay!

- 0kamii
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wow 0kamii, what about moo? You're getting demoted for forgetting
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(Apr 5, 2018, 10:07 PM)Kris Wrote: wow 0kamii, what about moo? You're getting demoted for forgetting

It's 1am here, cut me some slack... Sad

- 0kamii
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@CrystaleeMew Welcome to the community (now officially!) Big Grin
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Hello! I trade things.
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Sup, I trade {shiny} stuff.
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Howdy Smile
Hello there! Welcome to the website!
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Thanks for having me on the site  Smile
I hope I can bring you all some enjoyment and have fun here myself! of course all I got planned at the moment is just showing off most of my drawings.. but I'll try to reach out to other areas of the site

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