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[NEW MEMBER] Saying Hi~
Hey there! Name's Gabe or Gabriel for longer, and been a huge fan of pokemon since I was five. Stumbled across the site as I was looking for ways to get the last few Mythical and Legendary pokemon I wanted in Ultra Moon. From what I've seen of the community so far I feel like I'd fit in! 

Looking to get into competative battling and I know a smidge but links to guides or helpful videos would be greatly appreciated! 

Outside of the obvious, I'm a fan of anime, grew up on Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Naruto, ect. and had my weeb phase young. Slowly burning through my queue on CrunchyRoll and some of my more recent faves have been Tiger Mask W, Kobiashi's Dragon Maid and Yuri On Ice!!! If you have any recs there, I'm all ears cuz I'm not looking forward to having an empty queue. 

P.S. Don't tell my wife I'm enjoying Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.  XD
Well hello! I'm just the friendly neighbourhood shopkeeper/WaWAP-thread-maker/guy who likes discussions. My shop might have something you need but who can tell, my stock's kinda low these days.

And now for something completely generic:
If you ever need something you can call on any of us, or ask one of the mods ( @stephenWITNESS , @FireTaco or @0kamii ) or kahunas ( @Kris , @"yung lord" or @moo311 )
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@AgentGabriel Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm a VGC player myself, and our Forum has some great competitive advice. Let me know if you need assistance.
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PM me if you need help with competitive battling!

But using the term "stay" suggests it's temporary and they'll leave...
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(Feb 10, 2018, 05:05 PM)TheAlmightySancho Wrote: @RetroTyphlosion 

But using the term "stay" suggests it's temporary and they'll leave...

I'm pretty sure it'll be as long of a stay as my love for pokemon! Thanks for the warm welcomes! Also got onto the discord too, seems to be pretty active there.
The community may seem small compared to a few years back, but it's a fantastic place to discuss any and all things Pokemon! I'm not technically that old of a member lol, but I can navigate pretty well through the site ^.^
Don't hesitate to PM me for anything! Smile
Also, on the anime thing, you should totally check out The Ancient Magus' Bride. It's so heartwarming but also dark sometimes but it is a very sweet anime.
Howdy! If you're a fan of dramas and thinking anime, then there's a lot of promise in "Classroom of the Elite." I rather enjoyed the first season and currently awaiting the release of the second.

As for Pokemon, if you need any assistance in breeding, feel free to ask. I've been breeding for competition since XY, even breeding my buddy's worlds team (he didn't cut, worlds is hard).
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Welcome to the forums @AgentGabriel! If you want to get into competitive play you should check out some of our guides in the Guides and Tutorials Forums (here > I'd also recommend looking up some competitive players like Wolf Glick, Cybertron or Alex Oglzoa on Youtube. They have very informative videos and are pretty fun to watch.
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
hi welcome i recommend listening to @stephenWITNESS and watching those guys they make good videos
Welcome to the site
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