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[NEWS] 2017 International Challenge and Hoenn Starter Mega Stone Prizes
2017 International Challenge and Hoenn Starter Mega Stone Prizes
[Image: pgl-inter-challenge-april-169-en.jpg]
A few days ago, the Pokemon Global Link announce the second International Challenge April for this VGC 2017 season. For those of you who are unaware, this is an online tounrament where players of all skillsets ladder and attempt to get the highest ranking possible in other to get Championship Points or CP l(link provided to see the ammount of points received to top players). As a compensatory prize, all participating players will receive all three Hoenn Starter Mega Stones: Sceptilite, Blazikenite, and Swampertite. Note that all three Mega Stone aren't released yet and this is likely the only way most players will be able to receive these items unless distribute or following games. However there is a catch, in order to get these Mega Stones, players must have battled at least 3 times, and anything below they won't receive their compensation prize. Registrations for the IC will start at about April 19th at 00:00 UTC until April 27th at 23:59 UTC. Afterward, from April 28th thru April 30th before likely 23:59 UTC is when the battles will commence and end. 

With all that said, what do you all plan to do in preparation for the upcoming IC challenges. Will anyone attempt to gain Championship Points or will you just interested in the Mega stones. Share with us your thoughts about the upcoming IC. 
Is there set times you have to battle people or you just register and use the festival plaza battle spot to find battles? I'm kinda new to all this, and seeing as I'm Australian I probably won't be able to participate if it's within a certain time period.
In order to register for the Pokémon International Challenge, you need to have a Pokémon Global Link account linked to a copy of Either Sun/Moon (that isn't banned). Once you register, then you at some point before or during the competition, you will have to need to have one of your designated "battle boxes" with your desired team locked. Make sure to find a team of six pokemon that complies to the VGC 17 format. You do have to login to battle spot, go to online competitions, and search for ongoing ones, which of course should be the IC.

Anyways I mentioned the time and dates of the battles in the prior comment, so you just got to find time to get at least three pokemon battles in before the event ends. Remember the IC lasts for about three days so you should be able to get 3 quick battles.

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