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[NEWS] Glimwood Tangle Live Camera Research in Pokemon Sword & Shield !
Hi everyone. For who is interested, the research of Sonia Live camera is now live (a hour ago)

While watching it, i might update the page with what has been found !.

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Below you will find the live stream :

I Found a Swirlix !

7:49 AM
> Phantump

8:16 AM : Going to eat in few minutes. (Back in a hour, more or less)

9:40 AM : Back, and just saw something unexpected flying ! UnknownFlyingPokemon?

10:33 AM: Something coming ? Just heard a sound of something or someone ''running'' Horse maybe ?

10:48 AM: Sound similiar to Duosion/Solosis heard... ''Kwo kwo ?""

11:26 AM: Phantump appears again... Phantump2

11:33 AM: What was that sound ? It kind of sounded like a Psychic pokemon ?

11:41 AM: Is that a new Pokemon or old ? (Morelull ?)GlitchedPokemoNew ?

11:59 AM: Was that Ponyta Sound ?

12:50 AM: Shiinotic (morelull evolved form) appearsShiinotic

1:31 PM: orelulls falling down from the sky?

1:55 PM : Is it a Horse ? Or something else ? Here is its sound ! Galloping in few seconds later.

2:55 PM : The Morelulls are walking ! MarchingMorlulls

3:10 PM: Uploading a video of the ''new pokemon'' Brb..

3:32 PM:
New Pokemon ?NewPokemon?

4:40 PM There was some Glowing yellow thing and also a strange sound that sounded like a Boomerang ? (I made a video but since it has not much i won't put it now, for who wants i can upload it later.)

4:48: PM: Is it a horse ? Or is it something else that runs from right to left? See here >> Gallopinghorse

5:19 PM: Pikachu Running from Right to the middle ? >> PikachuRunsAway

8:24 PM:
The horse came back ! This time as a Black Shadow/Silluote >>ShadowHorse

5:49 PM: Phantump appears again... If someone needs i upload later a video..

5:52: Impidimp appears, going to the camera and makes sound.. (If someone wants i will upload it)

9:43 PM: Impidimp appeared again to do something to the camera... Then suddenly a Pokemon was Galloping ! >ImpiDimp+Horse

9:48 PM: Calling it now, I think its >>GalarianPonyta ! Here are some pictures>>Galarian1 Galarian2

9:59 PM: Sleeping time , goodnight all.

7:21 AM: Here a clear image of the PonytaTwin And a video with the GlowingPonyta

9:28 AM: The End. (Live Stream Ended on 2PM BST) Sonia decided to collect all the findings, and maybe she will reveal new things or same things but in a new way later on...
I'll probably be watching this all day. Not that I'm particularly interested in seeing new stuff or whatever; more participating in the communal aspect of watching... the shared experience.

Cheers, @Drangor2!
A bit disappointing but overall enjoyed the last we saw of those two Ponyta! The Rapidash cry was a nice tease but no visuals?
The entire thing was a waste of time. Too drawn out for what was revealed. I feel bad for Serebii.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
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