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[NEWS] New trailer Confirms more Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield I 24 October 2019
Hi all.

A new ''Tv commercial'' was released today, you will see some old Pokemon from the old games (Gameboy / gameboy color/ [b]game boy advance[/b] etc) marching toward Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Below you will find the video:

Below this you will find the slowmotion video:


Some of the 24 october 2019 Confirmed Pokemon are :

Seedot - Munna - Pyukumuku - Bisharp - Drapion - Shuckle - Octillery - Torkoal- scraggy

[Image: Screenshot_30e9f9f34a07d565f5.png]
[Image: Screenshot_315df552b835e01e27.png]
[Image: Screenshot_32.png]
[Image: Screenshot_3492eac8ee2def805f.png]

[Image: Screenshot_35fe2c894f87f13912.png]
[Image: Screenshot_36c7b7220272ce0b5b.png]
[Image: Screenshot_37.png]
[Image: Screenshot_40.png]
[Image: Screenshot_39cbd160b6365770db.png]
[Image: Screenshot_38.png]
Dude, that trailer was so hype
Not confirmed, speculated. Unless I missed a press release?
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
Sword and Shield Trades
You're right @Hojunhu i thought that too at first, but seeing that all others were already confirmed and appearing again in that trailer, and there was no mention of ''Home''(the upcoming 2020 transfer option) and this old trailer was also from Nintendo Uk with other Pokemon already inside:

[Image: watch?v=jViNpOyJi9g]

And even other sites have them as confirmed (serebi for example )

If i remember correctly old interviews did maybe say '' We like to surprise the fans, we want them to find them for themself ''

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