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PS4 friends
So, I got my PS4 for Christmas and since then have had alot of complications with PSN but yesterday I fixed all that. So, now that Ive download Fortnite, I was wondering if anyone would like to play with me. Since I fixed it after school yesterday I cant add any of my irl friends but I would still love to play with people! My PSN name is Dova369.

          ~Dova, the local half-ghoul dragon thingie - yeah that'll work
Hi Im just your average rpg-playing, anime/manga loving, weeb poke-fan. A quote from Kaneki-senpai:
"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes it needs a monster"
PS- @TheAlmightySancho is my boi
I Lay Eggs

Hii dova, i once had a kind of error on a good game past days called "lock quest" I had tried different methods like" initialize ps4" /backup remove delete saves etc but too bad problrm was still there, though i had to sacrifice one minor thing to continue playing, anyway the game At first boring cause on hard mode it was not easy to understand the mechanics/rules, but now more interesting also cause of good story ingame, you need to create Defense buildings/soldiers etc against other army enemy.

Kind of hard to explain better now since i use phone to write at moment.
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