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[REQUEST] Breeding Assistance
I am currently breeding to create a team centered around flying-type Pokemon. My Talonflame and Gyarados both are 6IV, but my other four Pokemon are simply decent. My request is for someone to obtain 6IV variations of these Pokemon, as I only need to use them for breeding purposes. I can take any 6IV breedjects as well; I will give you a shiny for your efforts.

- Emolga
- Mandibuzz
- Gliscor
- Jumpluff
Your number one flying-type trainer!
I think I have a 6-IV mandibuzz :D
That would be great, if you want to breed a Vullaby off of it or loan it to me.  Smile
Your number one flying-type trainer!
wait, It did not have sp.a atk stat but It don´t need that I think @TheLastStaravia
@Anton That's fine! My current Mandibuzz has very low IVs, so anything would help!
Your number one flying-type trainer!
Okay, You might acctually have it!
It is Ev trained (HP, Def and speed) and level 100 :D
BTW, I got it as a vullaby off the gts so it is japanese just so you know
@Anton That would be great! Would you like to breed it, loan it, or give it to me? If the last, I can get you your shiny.
Your number one flying-type trainer!
You can have it :D
I only need rep and your appriciation :D
I like to have my own OT on shinys or else my buddie will critisice (sorry for bad english) the sh*t outta me lol
so I rather get my shinys by myself (RN I´m hunting for shiny charmander via masuda method and I have like 800 encounters lol)
@Anton Unless you are breeding for a competive Charmander, you should switch to a Charmelon friend safari. It's easy to do and the odds are really good.
Life only happens once. Make the most out of it.

I main Tracer for some reason...
My Friend Safari is Flying with Pidgey, Fletchiender and Swanna. Feel free to add me!

Also, my name is Hayden... Why am I Johnnyspyguy?
Oh, thank you! I'll add you now.
Your number one flying-type trainer!

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