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[REQUEST] Help needed for my random assortment
Hi friends,

So I've been assigned 4 random pokemon to compete in a doubles match with my chums; these are Probopass, Gengar, Manectric and Hydreigon. Needless to say I'm more chuffed about some pokemon than others...

I've got a few starting ideas, that Gengar will probably be mega evolved, and Probopass will probably just sit there and spam Toxic/T-wave etc.

But any help on movesets or tactics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys and gals

I would avoid mega gengar on this team because then everything but Hydreigon is weak to ground
Agreed, Manectric needs the Mega more than Gengar does. Non-Mega Gengar provides your team with valuable Fighting and Ground immunities, so Hydriegon would have to serve as your best protection against Ghosts and Darks looking to target Gengar. Probo and Gengar help against Bugs, Fairies and Dragons looking to target Hydriegon.
I might suggest Probo and Manectric as a Volt Switch core, especially the former as a slow bulky pivot into Gengar. Gengar covers most of Probo's weaknesses and vice versa.
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I think mega manectric is better than m-gengar as both of gengar and hydreigon can cover up the ground weakness, looks like you are going 2-support and 2-attackers right? however gengar would also be another source of excellent coverage alongside hydreigon if you give it an offensive moveset.
if i am not wrong, probopass can learn wide guard right? it will protect hydreigon from fairy moves *hyper voice of course* and manectric from EQ and will give a much more supportive role, as for the move choice of toxic/t-wave i think t-wave is better as you can sometimes use it to boost up your own manectric on switch in's, though this already fast team won't need much speed control.

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