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[SMOGON] s/m ou teambuilding services
what's up party people, if you are able to read you already know what this thread is about, so let's get right into it.


1- Do not request "bad" Pokémon; while I can definitely build around niche Pokémon and make a decent team, I won't build you a team around Simipour or whatever. Please try to request Pokémon that are viable in the tier, and if you are unsure about a Pokémon's viability, feel free to ask. Here is a list of OU Pokémon to help you see what is viable at the moment.

2- Do not get angry; believe it or not, I do not spend all day breeding my Pokémon and watching Twitch streams. I have stuff to do and can't just work on teams 24/7. If you get angry and start whining, I will ignore your request. Besides that, telling me I'm slow or being mean won't make me build your team faster. Do not PM me either about your team; if something happens, I will PM you, but otherwise, sit tight and wait and you'll have your team one day.

3-Request in the following format:

Pokémon/core requested:

Team style (hyper offense, balance, etc):

Requests made in another format will be ignored.

4- Please do not ask for "no legendaries". If they are allowed in the format and would fit well on the team, there is no reason not to use it and I will ignore you for making such a request.

5-The teams will be made for OU only, so don't request anything, otherwise, guess what? I will ignore your request.

The teams will be tested by myself to ensure that they work fine, if you have any question about a team I made feel free to ask.
How many can we request? Smile ill try ny luck. Quite new here. So forgive me. 
Pokemon requested 1: Mawile - mega
Pokemon requested 2: Muk-alola
Pokemon requested 3: Hoopa-unbound
Pokemon requested 4: Mega salamence
Pokemin requested: 5: greninja-ash
pokemon requested: 6: Mega Y charizard

team style: balance, good both for single and double if possible Smile

thank you
@thinkingbee alright so I don't know if you want all of these in a team, and in that case well you already have your team by requesting 6 Pokémon. If you want a team for all of those, I won't make you 6 teams, so if you could please choose one that'd be perfect. Also, Mega Salamence is banned from the OU format so I can't build around that. As for your request "good for both singles and doubles" well OU, which is the only metagame I said I would build in, is a singles metagame. Doubles is very different so I can't make a team that is good for both. With that in mind, I'd like you to make a new request. Thank you.
Why are you stealing Elly's thread ideas?
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
USUM Trade Shop
@Hojunhu while the research to find Elly continues, @Black117 told me to carry on his last project plan. Hopefully he'll be back soon so he can claim back what he owns.
Ohh now its a bit clear to me. Thank you

pokemon requested: muk-alola
teAm style: hyper offense

thank you
Pokémon Requested: Tyranitar
Team Style: Balanced

Thank you for your time; I really appreciate it!
Pokémon Requested: Mega-Garchomp
Team Style: Bulky Offense

I hope you can do it if you have time Smile Thank you very much
1.Volcarona @ Lum Berry
Ability: Flame Body
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Quiver Dance
- Fire Blast
- Giga Drain
- HP Ground

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