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[SUN/MOON] First giveaway!! :DDDD
Pokemon Wanted: Tapu Lele
IGN: Heroeswrath

Thank you in advance.

[Image: adpolu96c38.png]
(May 10, 2017, 08:36 AM)mees Wrote:
Hey guys and welcome to my FIRST ever giveaway!!!!
These mons are clones if you don't like that then DO NOT ask for one!
First off we have Breloom!!

[Image: 286Breloom.png]
Pokemon: Breloom
Level : 100
Nickname: Shroom
Shiny : no
Lvl: 100
Ability : Poison heal
Nature: Jolly
Item: Toxic orb 
IVs:  31/31/31/31/x/31
 EVs:   252 HP/252 Atk/4 Sp
Pokeball: Nest Ball
-Swords Dance
-Drain Punch
-Seed Bomb
-Iron tail
This pokemon was requested by Corrosion2424 Congrats :D!
Second off we have Tapu Lele!
[Image: tapu_lele_by_alexalan-damvhtb.png]

Pokemon: Tapu lele
Level : 100
Nickname: (none)
Shiny : no
Lvl: 100
Ability : Psychic surge
Nature: Timid
Item: Choice Specs
IVs:  31/x/31/31/31/31
 EVs:   252 spatk/252 speed/4 spdef
Pokeball: Heal Ball
This pokemon was requested by ELegacy Congrats :D!
Last but not least Smeargle!
[Image: 235Smeargle.png]

Pokemon: Smeargle
Nickname: (none)
Shiny: yes
Lvl: 100
Ability: Moody
Nature: Jolly
Item: Focus Sash
IVS: 31/31/31/31/x/31
EVS: 252 sp/252 spdef/4 hp
Pokeball: Nest Ball
-Fake Out
This pokemon was requested by Mish Jagger Congrats :D!
This is my first ever giveaway so i thought why not give out a special pokemon!
[Image: Aegislash.png]
Pokemon: Aegislash
Nickname: (none)
Shiny: no
Lvl: 100
Nature: quiet
Item: Weakness Policy
IVS: 31/x/31/31/31/x
EVS: 252 spatk/252spdef/4 hp
Pokeball: Dusk Ball
-Shadow Sneak
-King’s Shield
-Shadow Ball
-Flash Cannon
If you want one just catch a Stufful
name it Mees so it's easy for me to find,
deposit it on the GTS, and request a level 91+
of whichever Pokémon you want!
Then leave a post on this thread in this format:

Pokémon Wanted:

[Image: 759-Stufful.png]

Stufful can be caught in route 8, Akala outskirts!
For this giveaway if you want two of the mons u can ask one per day and u will receive them both! I will not do link trade this is a GTS giveaway!
This giveaway will go on until may 12th!!
I also have school so if you dont have your pokemon friday don't worry! you'll get it, for the rest,

Hi , thanks for picking me , I'm going to request for my poke first so 
deposited a lvl 18 female stufful
ign : battle doom 
and thanks for the awesome giveaway!!
IGN: Jessica
Deposited: Stufful named Mees
Gender - Lvl: Female - Lvl.1
Wanted: 91+ Breloom
Message: Default

Thank you! ^^
Wanted: Tapu Lele
Deposite: Mees lvl 1 Female

Thanks Smile
(May 10, 2017, 05:19 PM)FireTaco Wrote: Pokémon Wanted: Breloom
IGN: Matthew

Deposited: MEES lvl 1Male

It seems like you are doing a very good job for you first GA.  Congrats on the success Big Grin
Yup, thanks man! Big Grin
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Have fun with them guys! :DDDDD Angel Angel Angel Angel
Pokémon Wanted: Tapu Lele
IGN: Patrick
Level of deposited: 1
Gender of deposited: male

Thanks in advance!
Resident pun-lover and VGC teambuilding enthusiast

@Arctero Send!
Pokémon wanted: Aeigslash
deposited: Mees, male, level 1
Ign: Jakal

Thanks in advance!
Hi, I would like an Aegislash 
pokemon deposited: Stufful "MEES" , female lvl 1
thank you so much!

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