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[SUN/MOON] Shiny Swapping! (Breeding method)
Hi! As my first created thread, i thought i could share a method of shiny breeding for sun/moon that i haven't seen elsewhere on here yet (though it may exist already?)!
I first saw the post about this method on a reddit forum, and someone has already made a guide with images to help explain it, so be sure to check that out!
Link to the image guide!!!
But i also thought i could try to explain it in my own words so here goes!

The basic idea for shiny swapping in Sun/Moon is breeding and hatching pokemon with a very low required steps in batches (in this case it's done with magikarp, as its common and has the least steps needed to hatch). You save after hatching every batch of magikarps (most people do batches of 30, or one full box), until one batch contains a shiny magikarp. important to note is that you need to take your magikarp out of the nursery and hatch every egg in each batch so that you dont save with unhatched eggs only to find one of them was the shiny. in which case you soft reset (without saving!). Once you resume the game, you take the magikarp out of the nursery and "swap" in the pokemon that you actually want a shiny for, and in the exact same number of eggs as the last batch, your pokemon will be shiny. This method speeds up the process of shiny breeding by a LOT and i can confirm it works, i've used it twice for a rowlet and a rockruff so far. 

Basic Requirements:
- Must have the Shiny Charm, be using Masuda method, or both.
- Have a dummy Magikarp (its stats or held item don't matter)
- Have your ideal pokemon you want a shiny of, with its ideal nature (and everstone to pass it on), ability, and preferably good IVs as its offspring will inhereit IVs.
- Have a perfect Ditto holding a destiny knot (for Masuda, best is to use one from another region. I suggest trying using the GTS and putting up something for a Ditto of level 90 or higher, thats how i got mine, or check the forums here for people who will trade you them!)

ALSO NOTE: the rules are different for pokemon that have no gender or 100% set gender. Look further down for notes on those.

1. If you have any unhatched eggs, i suggest you collect and hatch all of those, and take out any pokemon currently in the nursery.
2. After you hatched any extra eggs, SAVE.
3. Place Ditto with the destiny knot and your dummy magikarp in the nursery.
4. Start hatching! After you collect 30 eggs, take OUT the magikarp from the nursery.
5. Make sure you hatch all 30 eggs in your batch! if one of them is shiny, reset the game without saving! when you start it back up, place the same ditto in the nursery with your ideal shiny's parent and hatch the same number, and the same egg that had the shiny magikarp will have your desired shiny instead!
6. If you didn't get your shiny in 30 eggs (most likely the case), simply repeat the process. save every time after you take magikarp out and hatch your batch of 30 and keep going until you have a batch with a shiny magikarp!
7. Make SURE you hatch all your eggs and take magikarp out BEFORE you save, because if one of those unhatched or potential eggs from the nursery are shiny, you'll be stuck with the shiny magikarp instead of your desired shiny.
8. Repeat until you have the shiny you want! Congrats!

Genderless / 100% Gender Pokemon:
Because part of the way the game determines what the egg you recieve will be is by "rolling" for its gender, the determinator for what the egg will be is different for pokemon whose gender is already determined. Breed with the same method as above, but when recieving eggs, reject the first one you are offered, and take the next. Basically, its more or less the same, but you reject every other egg the nursery lady offers you. This will make sure that the number of magikarp eggs hatched for a shiny will match up to the number you hatch of your desired shiny pokemon.

Happy breeding, everyone! If I mistyped anything or you think i should elaborate more, let me know. Thanks !!
Say I have a 6IV Male Dratini right... and I breed it with a japanese 5iv female (duh)magikarp... will this still work if I swap a foreign female dragon/water group poke with the magikarp? Or do I NEED the foreign parent to be the male for this to work?
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