Poll: Shiny, not shiny, or choices?
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3 30.00%
Not shiny
3 30.00%
I want options
4 40.00%
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Shiny or not?
If you were to receive a br legendary from a giveaway (like landorus or primal groudon), would you prefer it to be shiny or not? Or would you like the option to chose for each pokemon (like getting a shiny lando, but regular groudon)?
Im addicted to shinies so Id say all shinies but as you can see from your any pokemon you want GA not everyone wants shinies @moo311 so Ill go with choice.
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@moo311 I agree with @Dova that giving people a choice may be better. For example, I don't like Shiny Groudon's colors (its golden frieza color is weird, in my opinion) and I'd prefer to have a regular one.

That said, I understand implementing a choice option to the giveaway makes things slightly more complicated, since moo would have to gen two versions of each mon.
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As much as I really enjoy collecting shinies, they have less meaning when they are from giveaways. For battle ready legendaries I would prefer non-shiny. If I want a specific one shiny I would hunt it. Although giving people a choice would probably be best as I know many people would disagree with me

The reason I say non-shiny personally is that I have a moral standing that normal Pokémon I use for battles should be non-hacked (exception of legal event Pokémon). However in the case of legendaries that are hard to get otherwise I wouldn't mind using them in some cases if they were not shiny.

P.S. What kind of legendary would you think of making, would you do them as an event that they are from or as if they got caught in game?
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II don't want a Verlis video made after me, non-shiny BR is how I like mine.
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I think you should do shiny

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