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[TOURNAMENT] March "Duck Madness" Website Tour (VGC17 Format)
March "Duck Madness" Website Tour (VGC17 Format)
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Following the success of the last January VGC Tournament (and another long hiatus), today we announce the third VGC tournament for March 19 2017 at about 5:00 pm EST. In terms of the basics, we'll here's a bit of a rundown of the rules. First off, the number one goal for these tournaments is that everyone has fun at the end of the day, meanwhile ensuring that these are run as smoothly as possible. As mentioned, the Tournament will be based on VGC 17 rules, basically Alolan Dex with now all possible egg moves with the addition of Pokemon Bank. The amount of particpates will be limited to about 32 people for this tournament, with a potential waitlist if we get more particpates. Rounds one, two, and potentially three will be Bo1, meanwhile semifinals and finals of this tournament will be a Bo3. You don't nessesary have to "report" battle codes until reaching the top 8 of the tournament. The tournament be based on cartrige play, so have Pokemon Sun / Moon  with a proper VGC 17 team ready, and the VGC 17 rules "downloaded" prior. Everyone who's participating in the tournament must be in the Pokemon Forever's Discord Channel and comply with the chatroom rules as well. Remember everyone to have fun...and bring your ducks to this tournament. For any questions, please contact either me (Black117), ChaseInfinity, or Elly.


I will be using "Challonge" as our main tournament format. For those interested in competing in this tournament, first setup a "Challonge" account to register, next click the "Go to Registration" button. After you have registered please submit the following in this thread for "additional" registration. 

Tournament Form

Forum Name =
Challonge Account =
In-Game Name = "Name of your Character on Cart"
Friend Code = "Number assigned to Every 3DS" 
Discord Name = Important: Must be an active one

The tourney will start at on March 19 2017 at about 5:00 pm EST  with check in about 30 minutes beforehand. We can start early if possible.

Tournament Rules

Here are some rules and some regulations about the tournament. Please read through when considering to join.

- Standard VGC 17 rules apply. If you don't know the ruleset, here's the link

-Each round will be a best of 1 until Semifinals and Finals, then the last phase will be best of 3.

- As far as pokemon legality goes, you can bring any pokemon as long as it complies to VGC 2017 rules and aren't obvious hacks (ie over 510+ evs, illegal movesets/abilities/Pokemon). Likewise, don't want people to assert claims about the opposing team not being "legit" and I want this tourney to run smoothly. NO

-NO ONE IS ALLOWED to change or alter their Pokemon no matter what (IN-GAME), or at least based on stats/coverage (Showdown). If someone is "caught" doing so via battle videos, then the player is automatically disqualified.

-Disconnections: If there is a disconnection in the battle, both players are entitled to have another match with their conditions (same leads, different mons), without any penalties. However if it is notice that one of the Player's internet connection isn't working properly, the person with the infrequent internet connection will be forced to drop after three tries. If someone disconnects while the battle outcome is bluntly obvious (ex. 3-4 healthy/capable Pokemon while opponent has 1-2 [if both have status] low health pokemon and gets outspeed), they lose their match automatically (not the round itself).  

-Showdown Rules: "If" this is a Showdown tourney, please message the player you're suppose to fight and initial a battle ASAP. Each round has about 30 minutes to complete. Players can elect the use of the Showdown timer, however if it does down to zero, the person who either disconnected or timed out loses their first match (if Bo3. Note: Remember to give us your Showdown name for the tournament as well.  

(yes..., hi... your buddy Chase here, this is a joke, the your team just need to be by the normal VGC standards)

-NOTE: I will be working on this thread and the challonge page throughout the weekend so stay tune for updates.

Countdown to Tournament

Here's a countdown link of the tournament.
Link to the Tournament




(WIP, Going to be working on a new one)
Join or you're banned, thanks bye

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Discord: ChaseInfinity
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(Mar 6, 2017, 10:04 PM)ChaseInfinity Wrote: Join or you're banned, thanks bye

Everyone listen to our supreme duck overlord and do as he quacks. That is all.
Nintendo Switch is the nickname of the Porygon2 i'm gonna use

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I want to sign up but I can only compete if it is the 18th since school is a thing...
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Alright both me and ChaseInfinity have decided to host the tournament around the 17th of March at 5:00 pm EST (GMT: -8). For those who wanted to know the exact "date and time" of the tour, well there you go. We are also considering to have prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the tournament so stay tune for further info.
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