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[VGC] Pokemon VGC 2017 Tier List (Always Current)
Alright I've fixed the the PF VGC Tier listing with some new additions and changes to certain viability of each Pokemon. Will admit most of these Pokemon were reflected based on the current metagame trends from VGC events, Pokemon Showdown, and Battle Spot. We did this to give new players an idea of whats "popular" and/or "strong" atm so they consider when teambuilding. In addition, each Pokemon will be linked to an analysis write up here so anyone can go see there's movesets. Anyone is free to give opinions about the tier listing as this is meant for everyone here, though do give reason reason for each mon's ranking/viability.
Thank's for the update! More motivation for breeding more pokemon. @Black117
Where does Pelipper fit in this tierlist? I personally think it's in B
Marowak should be in A+ or S.
Every single one in Europian WCG top8 used celesteela and marowak.
Alright the VGC viability ranks and tiers have been updated to reflect the current metagame with the rise of AFK (Arcanine, Fini, Kartana) and various strong archetypes from the laddering (Showdown/Battle Spot), and Tournaments. Also removed some Pokemon on this list since most "weren't" used at a high enough level both from a usage and viable standpoint to justify them staying. Will admit this list is based on the usage ranks of the Battle Spot, moreso given how certain Pokemon such as Snorlax, Fini, Kartana, etc usage from high ladder players became "standard".
How did Wishiwashi drop all the way from B- to C? Is it the AFK that killed off its viability?
Wouldn't trick room be high tier? Also, gastrodon is a super niche option and deserves to be high (upper tier) as well. Wasn't it used in like, london or some other big tourney?

Just my opinion. I'm probably wrong.
@PhazontheGreat Wishiwashi, while cool in concept, has had problems from the start. Its HP is abyssmal, it's terribly slow, and its movepool is pretty lackluster, and it becomes nearly completely useless once its Schooling wears off at 25% health. Overall, it just requires too much coddling and team support for something that Tapu Fini, Gyarados, Golduck, etc. can all do more reliably.

@TheGamingPerson12 The most prominent trick room setter, Porygon2, is in the A+ tier. Mimikyu and Oranguru are both fairly high as well. Gastrodon certainly has strengths (it's in B+, which is by no means a bad tier), but doesn't pack much of a punch and is weak to common mons like Kartana and Tapu Bulu. Not that it's bad at all, but it's not in the highest tier.
@Rockycombo Thanks for the insight. Also, I have never seen a TR Nihilego. Are they rare, or do I just never see them?
Whoops, I meant Oranguru, not Nihilego. Got mixed up I guess. Nihilego does get it, but it is pretty rare for it to run it.

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