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[VGC] Top 32 Teams from Oceania Intercontinental Championships
Most of you all weren't probably aware of this, but there was actually an Intercontinental Championships for the Oceania region held in Melbourne, Australia with some of the top players from around the world. Thanks to the efforts of PokemonAustralia and TrainerTower, we have compiled a full listings of the top cut 32 teams who made it to day 2 as well as highlight the overall winner for the entire tournament. For anyone asking why wasn't such a large event like an Intercontinental streamed or given attention, there wasn't much any plans to do so to begin with. Forunately a group of local players managed to stream some of the featured battles including the top 8 with the best of their abilities. For anyone who wants to see the finals, here's the archived stream linked here
If anyone wants to see any complementary cores or pokemon builds/movesets in the VGC scene, check them on in the respective highlighted links. 

Top 32 Teams

1st- Zoe Lou (Australia): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-magnezone.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png]

2st- Nico Davide Cognetta (Italy): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png]  |  [Image: icon-kartana.png] (DQ)

3rd- Ben Kyriakou (United Kingdom): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

4th- Luke Curtale (Australia): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] 

5th- Sebastian Escalante (Argentia): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-persian-alola.png] 

6th- Nick Navarre (United States): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

7th- Tommy Cooleen (United States): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-pelipper.png] [Image: icon-golduck.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] [Image: icon-buzzwole.png] 

8th- Baris Akcos (Germany): [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png][Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png]
9th- Wolfe Glick (United States): [Image: icon-tapu-bulu.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png]  [Image: icon-hariyama.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] [Image: icon-nihilego.png]

10th- Chuppa Cross IV (United States): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] 

11th- Miguel Marti de la Torre (Spain): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-mandibuzz.png] 

12th- Nelson Lim (Singapore): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

13th- Ashton Cox (United States): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-aerodactyl.png] [Image: icon-xurkitree.png] 

14th- Daniel Parks (Australia): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-porygon-z.png] [Image: icon-aerodactyl.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

15th- William Tansley (United Kingdom): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png][Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

16th-  Melvin Keh (Singapore): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-porygon2.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] [Image: icon-whimsicott.png]  [Image: icon-xurkitree.png]

17th- Che-Ming-Tsao (Taiwain): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-gyarados.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png][Image: icon-marowak-alola.png][Image: icon-oranguru.png]  

18th- Duh Jenn-Chau (Taiwan):  [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png]  [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png][Image: icon-snorlax.png]

19th- Alex Gomez (Spain): [Image: icon-tapu-bulu.png][Image: icon-arcanine.png][Image: icon-araquanid.png][Image: icon-porygon2.png][Image: icon-magnezone.png][Image: icon-nihilego.png]

20th- Markus Stadter (Germany): [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-persian-alola.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-clefairy.png] 

21st- Alessio Yuri Boschetto (Italy): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-mandibuzz.png]

22th- Tonoyuki Yoshimura (Japan): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-mandibuzz.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png]

23rd- Matthew Hui (Singapore): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-smeargle.png] [Image: icon-porygon-z.png] [Image: icon-torkoal.png] [Image: icon-chansey.png] [Image: icon-palossand.png]

24th- Sean Ronzani (Australia): [Image: icon-tapu-bulu.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-muk-alola.png] [Image: icon-ninetales-alola.png] [Image: icon-milotic.png]

25th- Tony Nguyen (Australia):  [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-togedemaru.png] [Image: icon-haunter.png] | [Image: icon-snorlax.png] (DQ)

26th- Federico Turano (Argentina): [Image: icon-tapu-fini.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-mimikyu.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-pheromosa.png] [Image: icon-persian-alola.png]

27th-  Koutaro Nakagome (Japan): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-raichu-alola.png] [Image: icon-talonflame.png] [Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-golisopod.png]

28th- Luke Iuele (Australia): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-garchomp.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png][Image: icon-kartana.png] [Image: icon-ninetales-alola.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png]

29th- Martin Tan (Singapore): [Image: icon-smeargle.png] [Image: icon-pheromosa.png] [Image: icon-xurkitree.png] [Image: icon-porygon-z.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] 

30th- Rachel Annand (United Kingdom): [Image: icon-tapu-lele.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png] [Image: icon-arcanine.png] [Image: icon-snorlax.png] [Image: icon-nihilego.png] [Image: icon-buzzwole.png]

31st-  Labhaoisa Cromie (United Kingdom): [Image: icon-porygon-z.png] [Image: icon-smeargle.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] [Image: icon-pheromosa.png] [Image: icon-celesteela.png] [Image: icon-xurkitree.png]

32nd- Allister Sandover (Australia): [Image: icon-tapu-koko.png] [Image: icon-gastrodon.png] [Image: icon-drifblim.png] [Image: icon-gigalith.png] [Image: icon-nihilego.png] [Image: icon-buzzwole.png]


Never thought I'd see an Alolan Persian in top 5. Cool stuff.
and we back
How the heck did Nico take second with only 5 usable Pokemon?!
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Hojunhu's Bizarre Bazaar
(Mar 11, 2017, 10:44 PM)Hojunhu Wrote: How the heck did Nico take second with only 5 usable Pokemon?!

He faced Billa and Luke in Top8 so he didn't really need Kartana in those matchups, however not having Kartana against Zoe's Specs Lele did matter a lot.

ps: there is a mistake, Nico had Gyarados instead of Garchomp
(Mar 12, 2017, 03:26 AM)GiMYz Wrote:
(Mar 11, 2017, 10:44 PM)Hojunhu Wrote: How the heck did Nico take second with only 5 usable Pokemon?!

He faced Billa and Luke in Top8 so he didn't really need Kartana in those matchups, however not having Kartana against Zoe's Specs Lele did matter a lot.

ps: there is a mistake, Nico had Gyarados instead of Garchomp
he does have gyarados though not garchomp
Holy Cricketot! These teams are good! Need to use them as inspiration...
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