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[DISCUSSION] Battle Gimmicks?
  • Are there any gimmicks you have seen or can think of?

Bellydrum Snorlax + T-Room Setter

[Image: snorlax.png]  +  [Image: comfey.png]
  • Potential Turn 1 
    • Snorlax: Belly Drum
    • T-Room Setter: Trick Room
  • Potential Turn 2 
    • Snorlax: Attack Move
    • Comfey: Heal Pulse
    • Oranguru: Instruct
Instruct Oranguru

[Image: oranguru.png] + [Image: drampa.png]  ||  [Image: oranguru.png] + [Image: torkoal.png]
  • Potential Turn 1
    • Oranguru: Trick Room
    • Drampa: Protect
    • Torkoal: Protect
  • Potential Turn 2 
    • Oranguru: Instruct
    • Drampa: Hyper Voice
    • Torkoal: Eruption/Heatwave
Soak Pelipper
[Image: pelipper.png] + [Image: kartana.png] = T1 Soak/Leaf Blade

After You Torkoal
[Image: lilligant.png] + [Image: torkoal.png] = T1 After You/Eruption

Baton Pass Eevee
[Image: eevee.png] + [Image: clefairy.png]
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played against a round(move) team. scarfed lele with porygon z lead in the back sharpedo and something i forgot. got caught off guard because of the speed not sure how good it is.

another team was trick room with hariyama z move belly drum and porygon psych up. wanted to stall the trick room second turn with double protect and he went for the belly drum. turn 1 was the usual fake out belly drum.

both on showdown
Extreme evoboost baton pass and psych up combo obviously.
Lilligant/Oricorio Dance Combo
Ocicoro protects Lilligant Does a dance move ( whichever one it learns lol) and Oricoro will still copy it
What's a Pikachu???
Z-Mirror Move Staraptor was a cool one.
The Bellydrum Snorlax with Figy berry and that move that makes you respawn the berry. That was the worst.
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There is DuncanKneeDeep's tech where scarf Pelipper Soaks the opponent then Kartana uses Z-Leaf Blade to OHKO it or just regular Leaf Blade
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(Jan 8, 2017, 03:11 PM)TheGamingPerson12 Wrote: Z-Freaking-Conversion.
I saw somebody use Z-Conversion with Tri Attack, so the P-Z stayed normal type.
Just made a minor update to this post. Trying to gather as much as possible for an "official thread".

Are there any other gimmicks you've seen in doubles (VGC)?
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