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[DISCUSSION] "Best" Competitive type
My next monthly giveaway looks like it's going to be strongest of a type. I was thinking of doing strongest of each stat for a type (Highest HP water type, highest attack water type, highest defense water type, etc.) and I was wondering which type I should do. Which type is the "most competitively viable"?

Ground: 6
Steel: 4
Dragon: 3
Fairy: 2
I'd say dragon, but that's because I'm biased towards dragon as it's my favourite type.
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Depends in what way; best coverage, least weaknesses, least resisted, most flexible etc. Fairy and Steel are probbaly the strongest in most areas, with Water being very flexible.
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Ground, it's clear. Pokèmon like Primal Groudon and LandoT (not to mention Zygarde) are both Rank S in a lot of tiers and have unique characteristics, like huge stats or few, easily checkable weakness and a big movepool full of interesting tools which allow them to overcentralize their tiers.
probably ground or steel
I don't do much competitive battling but just watching from the stats of what is used most ( I use to decide some breeding projects) I agree ground comes up quite a lot
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I watch and participate rarely in comp Pokemon but Id say Ground, Dragon or Fairy seem pretty high on the list.
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Given what little VGC authority I have around here, Dragon, Ground, and Steel seem to be the most influential to the meta in recent years, with the newcomer being Fairy. Maybe do a VGC Fairy-Type giveaway? I know there are probably people requesting HP - Ice Koko anyway, so why not just make it official?

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From my experience in Smogon OU singles I'd say that the mainstream competitive types are:
Ground > Steel > Fairy > Dragon > Water

It's a shame that the metagame is so biased torward those types, while other types almost never get any spotlight. It's sad for example that for most people any type weak to Stealth Rocks is believed to be bad, but I understand that those thoughts are a mere consequence of Game Freak's biased game planning.

All of this just makes Pokemon a game about winning and not about having fun with your favorite mons... But not for me #FireTypePokemonForever  Sleepy
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Using data provided by the top 13 at MSS events and higher seem to be pretty varied as far as typings go. Fini is #2 in the VGC format, while Landorus-T is #1. With those being the top in usage, I'd say there's a high demand for electric types with pocket HP Ice. But water has always been super strong.
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