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[DISCUSSION] G'day and Welcome to the World of Pokemon Mate!
So, before I start, let me get something clear. This story is something I have yet to finish, so there may be updates. Also most art not by me, it's for visual referrence.

For those who don't know, I come from Australia. Any kid growing up in the 90's or 2000's all had a common thought. "What if I made My very own Pokemon game?". Well, I'm no different, so here's my mock-up for a Pokemon game.

The Region
It should be obvious I'm basing my region off of my home country, Australia. The region map shows my region to be a small version of Australia. The region itself is very unique in that dry arid areas, specifically deserts, take up a large portion of the region, but there's a cold snowy area, a rainforest, and industrial areas to reflect Australia's diverse climates. The northeast part of the region is a huge coral reef, mirroring the Great Barrier Reef. Ayers Rock is the area you battle the Legendary Pokemon, of course I needed to use it as it's a place of great importance to the Indigenous people.

Regular Pokemon
Let's go with starters. The theme of this that the starters are representing an Australian Marsupial, Mammal and Monotreme.

Let's do the Grass type starter.The Grass type starter will be our Marsupial. Specifically a Koala. When looking at Marsupials, I had to pick something that fits the typing, and Koalas are know for eating Eucalyptus leaves, and that's the idea. It's a bipedal Koala with a Eucalyptus branch that it has with it almost everywhere. Dubbed, Koaleaf.
[Image: latest?cb=20070306063444]

It evolves at level 16 in a bigger Pokemon with a club like branch, it's still a Grass type and I name it, Kolyptus.
[Image: 032_marsupio_by_jesgrad07-db4ejg5.png]

The final stage is a Grass Dark type Pokemon based on the Thylacoleo, a species of Megafauna that was dubbed the Marsupial Lion. It shares many traits with modern day Koalas except that it was a carnivore. The Pokemon walks on all fours and it's tail is a huge Eucalyptus branch which it uses to attack it's opponents. I gave it the name, Murtacleo, which derives from 'murder', 'Thylacoleo', 'myrtle', and 'myrtacae'. It gets the HA of Sheer Force.

[Image: Thylacoleo_BW.jpg]

The fire type starter is next, and is our mammal. Now should the "Fire types representing the Zodiac" trend continue, I'd like to see a Fire type Sheep Pokemon. As it turns out, Australia is known for the selling of Merino wool. So, a Fire type Sheep starter it is. Now the idea is that the Sheep's wool can grow back even when ignited. It's a pretty standard sheep Pokemon that has a red body, covered by greyish white wool. Dubbed, Fleesinge.
[Image: SDBB1fc.jpg]

The second stage has small horns and the wool covers more of it's body, it's wool is a good firestarter. I named it, Flaeries.
[Image: Lamb-with-horns-Red-Brick-Road-Farm-e1373164760491.jpg]

The final stage is based on two major things. The Merino Ram, and domesticated Merino Ram's wool being able to grow too long causing Heatstroke and blindness. It has massive horns, but it's fur has grown so much that it covers it's body entirely, leaving only it's face exposed. I gave it the typing of Fire and Fighting, sorry it's the only type that fits, and the name, Merandocus, derives from 'Merino' and 'Androsarcus', a prehistoric species of carnivorous sheep. It gets the HA of Fur Coat.
[Image: 017.jpg]

Now for the water type starter, and I think you know what it is. A Platypus. It has a really standard design, just imagine a quadrupedal Psyduck. Named Platibill. The second stage is a slender Pokemon, still retaining a standard look, but has claws and spines on it's tail. I name it Spurevoir. The final stage is a Water Poison type that has spines running down it's back, and huge spurs on it's hind legs. It's able to inject venom into it's opponents with those spurs. I named it, Mionostream, based on 'Monotreme', 'Stream', and 'Miocene', the era in which Platypus are first thought to have evolved. It gets the HA of Poison Touch.   
 [Image: platigo_by_gregandrade-d9hxxub.png]

Now I have two ideas for a bird Pokemon, I like second one better.

The first is based on a Peewee, a black and white species of lark, native to Australia, often called the Mudlark. Because of the Mudlark name, I'm making it Ground and Flying. No name yet. It evolves into a Magpie Pokemon, and retains it's Ground and Flying type.

Option two is a Kiwi Pokemon. I know Kiwi's aren't Australian, but you'll see why I picked it. It later evolves into an Emu Pokemon that gets the Flying and Fighting type. That later evolves into a Cassowary Pokemon, who's kicks are powerful enough to uproot hug trees. It evolves with LOW friendship.

Fossil Pokemon are....interesting to say the least, Australia doesn't have a lot of unique Dinosaurs. But ya boi prevailed!
Serendipaceratops is my favorite Dinosaur, and rightfully so. It looks like a Ceratopsian, but it's Hadrosaur! I'm giving it the Rock and Grass type because of it being a Herbivore. Naming it Servilatops. It will not evolve.

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

The Pseudo Legendary of the game is Australia's most iconic animal, the Kangaroo. The first stage is a Normal Type Pokemon based on the Quokka, dubbed Quokick.
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
It evolves into a Wallaby Pokemon, who gains the Fighting tytpe, named, Whallopy.
[Image: agile-wallaby-2.jpg]
And of course, out final stage Pokemon, is the Kangaroo itself. Based on the iconic Boxing Kangaroo, our Pseudo Legendary Pokemon is a Normal Fighting Type that gets access to all Punching and Kicking moves, along with Fake Out, Close Combat and Superpower. Naming it for now Rougheroo.
[Image: box-roo.gif]

Box Legendary Pokemon

I think when it comes to Australia, the first thing you think of is the Dreamtime legends told by the indigenous elders. Specifically Australia's equivalent to 'Jesus' our creator God is called Goorialla, or the Rainbow Serpent. It is a common legend that indigenous tribes speak about, it is representative of the Four seasons, and gave life to the land in ancient times by changing the weather. The Pokemon equivalent is a huge dragon woth multicolored scales, it is a Psychic Dragon type and has a new Ability I made. I figured this Pokemon would be the bulky legendary, and gave it an interesting Ability. Dreamtime Aura: This Pokemon can only take neutral damage. The Ability cancels Super effective hits, not very effective hits and STAB. It's signature move is called Rainbow Wave. It does damage to all targets and removes all status conditions. The name I've chosen is Wondrambi. Wondrambi derives from Wonder/wonderful/wondrous, Wonambi, a species of carpet snake which Indigenous People believe is a form of the Rainbow Serpent, and Walmarji, the tribe who worship the Wonambi as a form of the Rainbow Serpent.
[Image: a3750db96fa08ff1fdcdb44a13cf7613--rainbo...ainbow.jpg]

Now an evil counterpart was hard to come up with at first, but then I remembered an extinct species that fills that role perfectly. The Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger. In actually, the Thylacine was a shy nocturnal animal, but that won't work, so I drew inspiration from the Tasmanian Devil too. Our Pokemon variant is a black and grey quadrupedal dog-like creature, with the stripes actually being replaced as claw marks. It's legs are long and thin, allowing to run great distance in little time. It's seen as the one took life in ancient times and is the rival counterpart of Wondrambi. It has the Ghost and Ground typing, because of the Tasmanian Devil's nature to live in burrows. It's Ability is called Terrorizing Aura, which makes it deal neutral damage to all types, including letting Ground hit Flying, Normal hit Ghost, and Poison hit Steel. It's signature attack is called Ancient Roar which hits all targets and has a 5% chance to lower all the target's stats by 1. I've settled on the name of Arpexcine, which derives from Apex, Arnhem Land (Another area associated with the Indigenous people), Thylacine, and Arrente (An Indigenous tribe in Central Australia).
[Image: 011___tasmaniac_2_0_by_pokeluka-d5ejt5t.png]

The Story

This game is going to have big firsts  for the series, be prepared.
You and your Family 

You and your family arrive to this new region from Kalos, and although you try to fit in, the natives view you as a threat. A few days later, after settling down, you discover that a member of your fleet was sick, and it infected the tribe around you. The tribe elder, who gives you you're starter, is the only one who trusts you and your family and fleet, and says that because you got them sick, you must right your wrongs by getting an item from the Legendary Pokemon of the game. But to do that, you must prove your worthiness by completing 8 Trials. The Trials are all based in 8 tribal communities, and you must help them by completing the Trials, battling the Totem Pokemon and defeating the Tribe's Elder (This game's version of a Gym Leader/Kahuna), the 8th Trial being the battle against Wondrambi or Arpexcine.
The 8 Trials 

The first Trial is fishing for a tribe representative of the Murrawarri people of Queensland. You have to fish enough food for the entire Tribe, after a set goal is met, the Totem Pokemon, a Totem Pokemon based on a Barramundi, appears. 
Trial 2 is set in an area where trees have grown so thick, backburning is needed. You must help a Tribe based on the Koori people of NSW clear the trees. The Totem Pokemon is a Totem Trevenant.

The 3rd Trial is based in an area where a tribe is haunted by ghost Pokemon, the tribe is based on the Ngunnawai people of ACT, and the Totem Pokemon is a new Pokemon based on a Lyrebird, a Ghost Flying Pokemon with deafening screeches.

The 4th Trial is based on Mallow's Trial in Sun and Moon, collecting various ingredients for a tribe representative of the Nyungar people of southern WA. It differs however in that you don't make the food to attract a Pokemon, instead, while getting the last ingredient, you accidentally encounter a Totem Pinsir.

- 5th

- 6th

- 7th

The 8th Trial has no Tribe Elder and takes place in an area based on Ayers Rock. The goal of this trial is to meet and capture the Legendary Pokemon. The method to do so is partaking in a ritual to summon the Legendary Pokemon. The ritual is based on actual the actual Aboriginal smoking ceremony. Smoking ceremony is when various native plants are collected and used to produce smoke. This has been believed to have cleansing properties and the ability to ward off unwanted and bad spirits, which was believed to bring bad omens.

The player will inhale smoke from the leaves that are burnt and pass out, you will 'awaken' in a mysterious astral plane. This is the Dreamtime Area. You have to traverse your way through the Dreamtime to find the Legendary Pokemon. You will encounter different Pokemon in this trial dependent on which version you play. When encountering Wondrambi, you will meet wild Grumpig, that one Lyrebird Pokemon and Gorebyss. While encountering Arpexcine you will meet wild Krookodile, Tyranitar and Houndoom.

Legendary Battle
The battle against the Legendary Pokemon is pretty straightforward, except it's not. First, since they're technically Totem Pokemon, they'll get an 'Aura Boost'. Except, this is a bit different. Wondrambi's Aura will boost is Def, SpDef and Speed. Arpexcine's Aura will boost it's Atk, Sp.Atk and Speed. There's also a new terrain that pops up during the battle. Literally just called Dreamtime Terrain, it prevents a Pokemon's Stats from being lowered. The Legendary is level 65. After catching it, you wake up and the Tribe congratulates you. You go to return home, but you're stopped by a loud explosion. Off in the distance you can see smoke and head off to find out what it is.

You arrive at the site of interest and find a ship. On this ship is a captain, duh, and he claims he came to take over the region. So, like expected, you go on board the ship and beat the grunts and admins and eventually meet the captain himself. He boasts about having great power and that a brat like yourself could never stand up to him. You'll not he comes from Kalos, like you, as his Team includes mostly Kalos Pokemon. But there's actually a theme to this team too. 
  • ACE Diggersby Based on the Hare being an introduced species in Australia
  • Pyroar Feral Cats are an introduced species
  • Gogoat Feral goats
  • Raticate 
  • Ninetales
After defeating him, the legendary Pokemon appears and reverses all the damage done to the region caused by the villain, and after stating he will return, he flees.

You return home and use the legendary Pokemon's power to restore the tribe's wellbeing. After helping them, you are seen and respected as "The Champion".

Postgame (1)

Remember when I said expect major firsts? Well here's something I can guarantee you never expected. After the credits roll, you see your family and the natives sitting by a fire. The fire stops moving and everything turns to a watercolour painting, and a book closes. That's right, your maingame was a story of the past, you were told a story by your parents, and imagined yourself in the story, but don't worry, you will be able to access your 'old' Pokemon later. Right now the setting is in modern day Australia, you're the child of a wealthy businessman who runs an extremely wealthy tourist company, you live in a small town based on Wollongong, and you don't see your father much because of his work. The region's Professor is based on the legendary Steve Irwin, who has a fear of Mantine due to a certain 'accident' during his work.

The first Gym will be in a city based on Sydney, the Gym is a recreational center and the type is Normal. Gym Leader Malcom will use two Pokemon, the regional rat, based on a Bilby, as his ace, and a Ratata. He awards the player with the Standard Badge. Coincidentally, you meet your father here who wishes you luck on your journey.

The second Gym is in an area based on Melbourne, specifically Victoria, based on a Power plant / grid and uses Electric types. Gym Leader Ellen will use two Pokemon, Pikachu and Emolga. She awards the player with the Sparkplug Badge. After defeating the Gym Leader, you encounter the new Villainous team for the first time. Two Grunts are messing around in a restricted site, restricted because it's Sacred Land. They call themselves members of Team Turian. After defeating the Grunts they claim they will help the economy of the region and you should stay out of their business.

The third Gym takes you to a large city based on South Australia, importantly Adelaide. There are a few points of interest here as you explore including a Vineyard, a cathedral and a large beach. The Gym uses Ground types, and is based near the beach. Gym Leader Sandra has 3 Pokemon, Krokorok, the aforementioned Mudlark Pokemon, and Sandygast. You are awarded with the Sand Badge. You have another encounter with Team Turian, this time they're digging out a hole on the beach, after handling the Grunts they tell you are on the team's radar because of your interference.

The 4th Gym takes place in a smaller city based on Coober Pedy, a mining city. (Fun fact, Coober Pedy has the largest Opal mine in the world) We'll get to the Gym later, but right now lets focus on the mine. A new two stage Rock - Steel type based on an Opal lives here, getting moves like Mirror Coat, Ancient Power and Rock Polish to name a few as well as the Ability Levitate. The prevo will be dubbed Opalex, and the evolution will be dubbed Shinexus. The temperature in the day is extremely hot, so everyone lives underground. You'll see the Pokemon Center, Pokemon Mart and Gym are all underground. Next big first: The Gym doesn't use a specific type, it uses a theme. The theme is of course, mining. Gym Leader Julian use 3 Pokemon, Shinexus as his ace, Excadrill and Boldore. He awards the player with the Opal Badge.

After leaving, you get a call from the Professor, telling to come by the lab. So you return home and the Professor tells you about an area up north he wants you to investigate, a coral reef. He would go but Mantine are common there. He gives you a ticket which allows you access to the research center there. You arrive in a massive city based on Queensland, and there are lots of Tourist attractions, before all that, you are stopped by a man who claims to be the research center owner and after seeing the ticket, you go with him to the center. The problem you need to fix is something is attacking the Corsola that thrive off the reef, Mareanie. You get the HM Dive, and are granted temporary access to use it without the fith Badge. You go in, beat a bunch of Mareanie and eventually come across a Toxapex which acts like a Totem Pokemon. After beating it, you are thanked and given a pass, that pass allows you access to the many attractions in the city for free. After visiting a few attractions, you meet a lady in a business suit, an Executive of Team Turian. You overhear plans to destroy the reef entirely to build some kind of new attraction. She noticed you overheard and in a fit of rage, battles you. Turian Executive Casey has 2 Pokemon, Mareanie and a new Pokemon based on a Redback Spider as her Ace. Her personality is wild, spewing remarks like, "How dare ya' you little brat! I'm going to destroy you right here!" at the player. Eventually, you meet the Gym Leader, a water type expert who owns a surfing school. Instead of a Gym, you battle the Leader and 'Gym Trainers' on a beach. For the Gym Leader himself, you get introduced to a new Battle style, Board Battles. In a Board Battle, the player and opponent are on a Surfboard, while the Pokemon is on the front of the Board. A certain weight limit cannot be exceeded or you cannot battle. Water type Pokemon will get a small boost to their attacks during a Board Battle. Gym Leader Walter uses 4 Pokemon with Mantine as his Ace, Golduck, a new Ghost - Water Shark Pokemon, and Pelliper. And he awards the player with the Surfboard Badge.

More to be added soon
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Yep, I was of the same mind growing up in the 2000s. My Pokemon game was always more of "great cold north" style of region, with everything being more harsh.

I hear it's lovely in Australia anytime of the year. Unlike England.
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@Kris Thats cool. I like the fire starters idea and the legend idea. Ive never been to Australia but looking at it on google images makes it seem like a really prety region.
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This sounds great @Kris Senpai.  

Also another cool idea would be to have the Pokemon League be based on the Sydney Opera House.  I mean, think about standing at the end of the road, and you see this big building that could fit hundreds.  The battles would all be on the stage which would be the battlefield.  Now after each E4 battle, you get more and more people in the building watching you battle, so at the Champion's Battle, you can see a full house.  So like a more public battle, much like they have in the games.  

Let me know what you think
(Nov 7, 2017, 05:25 PM)FireTaco Wrote: This sounds great @Kris Senpai.  

Also another cool idea would be to have the Pokemon League be based on the Sydney Opera House.  I mean, think about standing at the end of the road, and you see this big building that could fit hundreds.  The battles would all be on the stage which would be the battlefield.  Now after each E4 battle, you get more and more people in the building watching you battle, so at the Champion's Battle, you can see a full house.  So like a more public battle, much like they have in the games.  

Let me know what you think

Awesome Idea, but I do have plans for the Opera House already.
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Update bump
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Update bump.

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Sounds awesome so far as for the starters I'm definitely going with the platypus simply because i love those little guys his nickname of course would be perry Big Grin

I live in New York now so it would probably look just like the unova region and my country of origin is very similar to Hawaii being completely surrounded by water, black sand beaches, and alot of fruit trees and crop fields
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I like this idea! I can see you've put a lot of work into it.

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