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[DISCUSSION] My Rock-Type Gym Team!
[Image: t1pdnWe.png]
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and I am WAY behind in posting, so I figured I'd do you all a solid and catch up using a throwback!

So I was browsing YouTube, as I so often do, and I noticed that there's a healthy amount of "If I Were a Gym Leader"-esque videos. This includes Champion, evil teams, frontier brains, and more! So I thought it'd be fun to bring a little life back to the forums and share with you all what MY Rock-Type gym team would be! Also, since I know there's a fair amount of you wondering: but 0kamii (I hear you saying), your favorite type is Dragon! You said so in that one post you made like a year ago! Yes, Dragon is my favorite type, and still is. The reason I'm going with Rock-Type is becase Rock was the very first gym that was throw at us in Gen 1, so while it's not my favorite, nor particularly strong, it's memorable because of nostalgia, and for having some VERY cool pokémon to its name! With that said, I present to you:
My Rock-Type Gym Team!
[Image: cradily.png] [Image: minior.png] [Image: rhydon.png]
[Image: pokemon_sun_and_moon_anime_artwork_for_d....png?w=271] [Image: gigalith.png]
I'm no pushover, at least I like to think I'm not, so there's no way my Rock-Type gym would be one of the lower tier gyms! Mine would be the 7th, possibly 8th gym in the region, so you'd better come packing with solutions to the strong, sturdy Rock-Types I have tucked away! I was going to do a full team analysis, but since this isn't actually an in-game team, I'll just do an overview of why I chose each team member instead. Mostly, each one is there to cover one of Rock's many weaknesses, but others are there simply because I really like them! So let's get things started with Cradily!
[Image: cradily.png]
Cradily seems like a no brainer for this team. It covers two of Rock's five weaknesses, being Water and Ground, from the get-go, and provides good stab in Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Ancient Power, and Stone Edge. It also gets Storm Drain, making all Water attacks useless and increasing its threat. It was virtually impossible for me not to include a Fossil Pokémon on this team, as I've made two separate posts talking exclusively about them. I think my love of them is rather apparent, and I'm thrilled that Cradily actually contributes to making the team endgame material. At least a little bit. Also, Stealth Rocks. That's all.
[Image: 774_13.png]
I love using Shell Smash, and a double attacking omniboost coupled with Minior's coverage against Steel and Fighting-Types making it a great addition to the team. Obviously, it'd be holding a White Herb, as Minior has little viability outside it. Especially seeing as how this would be Singles, Minior would be a whole lot of chaos for one trainer to handle. Also, it's purple. That alone is good enough for me. I'm really not hard to please.
[Image: rhydon.png]
Rhydon is the perfect candidate for the Eviolite user on the team. It was never meant to evolve, and thus has absurdly high Attack and Defense for a middle stage pokémon. Not to mention that it's excellent backup for Steel-Type coverage in case Minior fails to get off an Earthquake in time. Sure, it's got two 4x weaknesses, but I always say no mon is without its hubris. Rhydon would probably be my favorite team member, that is if it didn't have competition from the next two slots.
[Image: pokemon_sun_and_moon_anime_artwork_for_d....png?w=271]
I've mentioned already in my Top 5 USUM Exclusive Pokémon that Lycanroc-Dusk is probably my new favorite form of Lycanroc. While I was previously Team Midnight, that 110 Speed stat in a gym battle, coupled with 117 Attack, + Swords Dance, + Tough Claws, + Lycanium Z makes it a force with which to be reckoned on any team! Also, I don't care if Z-moves aren't traditionally used in gym battles! I'm not wasting a Z-move slot, and if Olivia's Lycanroc is allowed to use a Rockium Z, than mine is using a Lycanium Z! My only gripe with Lycanroc-Dusk is it's semi-limited movepool, but give it Ice/Fire Fang, and it can hold its own against the more common, more expected of its weaknesses.
[Image: 526-Gigalith.png]
Every gym leader needs an ace, and Gigalith is most certainly mine (at least in this case). You're all probably wondering why I'm not using Rampardos instead, as I made such a big deal about it last year, and it's my favorite of the Fossil Pokémon. Well, as much as it pains me to say it, Rampardos is just too frail for this kind of challenge. If my gym were mid-tier, like 4th or 5th, then I'd gladly use a Rampardos, because at least then I can get away with a Focus Sash + Rock Polish set, but here I need a more reliable mon to take hits and deal damage. Gigalith is easily my second favorite Rock-Type in the game, and now that it has Sand Stream, it's only gotten better. Load it up with coverage like Earthquake, Heavy Slam, and Superpower, and it can hit almost anything you throw at it. Give it an Assault Vest to boost its already +50% Sp. Def, arguably its greatest setback, and you can't touch it, physical or special. It's huge, it's powerful, and definitely worthy of being my ace Rock-Type pokémon at the 0kamii Gym.

Well, there you all have it! The five pokémon that would compose my gym team were I a Rock-Type gym leader! Be sure to let me know what YOUR five pok
émon would be if you were Rock-Type gym leader, and don't forget to check out some of the other posts I've linked within this one! Some of them might just surprise you! I know I've been falling behind in posts, but all I can say is stuff keeps getting in the way. School, ARK: Aberration, work, ARK: Aberration, the Middle Cup coming up, some EV training for something else, ARK: Aberration, oh did I mention ARK: Aberration? Seriously, that game is life-consuming! Hope to get back to my regular posting schedule soon!

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Hey, guys! I'm still 0kamii, and for my post tonight, I think I feel like tagging users @UndeadMarowak, @PerfectPenguin7, @ToxicTarrn, and new user @zytin! Your QOTD is:

What pokémon would you have on your Rock-Type gym team, and what tier would it be (1st gym through 8th)?

Looking forward to all the replies! Keep it G-rated, y'all! Catch you all later!


- 0kamii-senpai
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
How is ARK: Aberration, anyway? I might go buy it at the weekend so I just need an opinion.

Also, I'm too busy thinking about dragon-type gyms to think about rock-type gyms!
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Somebody mentioned rock-type gyms?
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I have to battle tommorow or today in Ultra games the rock leader trial.

Only 1 water i have and i decided to get a very strong ''OP'' grass mon at later in game.

I wonder if i should replace my Lycan dusk (cause i have a strange new rule in my mind) by using dual types pokemons.

Cause i already also have a single type in party Fairy and its veryrry weak in defense...

But verry good in special def/ sp attack.
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I'll do Dragon-Type gym later, for now, I want to hear about those Rocks! Also, Aberration is awesome. Very challenging, but that's kind of the appeal of the game in the first place. Side note, proceed very slowly. The map is like a labyrinth, I've gotten lost SOOO many times already. Take the time to memorize where you are. You'll thank me later.


Yes, the classic behemoth. Also serves as a good alternative Sand Stream user.


If you're going to be fighting Olivia, I would recommend starting with a Steel-Type. All her pokémon are weak to it, and she comes packing coverage against Water and Grass with her Cradily and Anorith respectively. I think you can get a Magnemite or a Mawile prior to that point, so that should help against Olivia. If not, you can always Island Scan for a Honedge on Akala Outskirts just before the battle. And they're all dual type too, so you've no reason to worry about using a single type pokémon.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Aaah, i forgot that i also had Magmenite :0

Nice, thank you okaniiii
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[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJcXoZJFP5c]

Bio upgrade:
For my Gym I would have 3 Pokemon and I would be the 8th Gym.

My First Pokemon is Lycanroc (Midday form)   Lv.46

Moves: Stone Edge
           Rock Slide
           Rock Throw

My second Pokemon is Aggron   Lv.47
Moves: Iron Defense
           Iron Head
           Rock Slide
           Rock Tomb

My Final Pokemon is Rhyperior   Lv.50
Moves: Stone Edge
           Rock Blast
           Drill Run

I also want to thank @[b]0kamii [/b]for tagging me

Love your team, Penguin! And you're welcome for the tag! If you enjoyed it, I'll be sure to do it more often.

I have to ask, why Rhyperior? It's not a particularly popular pokémon, yet it looks to be your ace. So I'm very curious why you chose it.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

My only rock type pokemon I ever used was Rhyperior.
Plus I think it looks Cool Smile

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