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[DISCUSSION] What are you looking for?
Ok, so from the input I got, I decided to maintain the genning giveaway, do a mythial/ultra beast giveaway once the legendary giveaway is over, then do an eeveelution giveaway, then more themed giveaways, then maybe start a genning giveaway for gen 6.
What could I suggest to the one whos givenaway almost everything xP maybe a BR fossil pokemon giveaway cause they arent all available this gen? I really like @iimlF4nT4Sy idea of a "Best of Fire Types" or something along those lines hope im not to late to put in my 2cents ~
@wartty Thank you for the input Smile
Anime themed GAs would be awesome to see.
@"Anabel" Thank you for the input Smile
im looking for a exeggcute or phantump or any of their families with the move skill swap and perhaps with harvest ability aswell
@giorjohn Thank you for the input Smile
The genning giveaway is perfect for people interested in competitive play because it allows us to stay up to date on the metagame, especially with pokemons very difficult to get such as having 2 Magearna with different sets etc. The problem is that it is the most difficult and time-consuming for you because everyone asks for different things and you get people like me who request a lot of Mythical and need Link Trades.

It also means that, since we can get everything we reckon we need with the genning thread, other giveaways have to surprise us in some way. Theme giveaway are a good way to do so because they usually go further than the most popular pokemons. There has already been a lot of theme giveaways but I'm sure there are endless possibilities, and even old ones could come back if enough time has passed and they were super popular.

Anyway I'm sure you know by the amount of pokemon I request from you that your giveaways are usually outstanding!
@Theobroco Thank you for the input Smile
Shiny BR focils would be totaly awesome

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