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[DISCUSSION] What are you looking for?
I think that an Ultra Beast or an Event Pokemon giveaway would really cool.
@Schuenemann Thank you for your input Smile
You should continue on genning because it's a great help for people, but I've noticed there's a lack of eeveelution themed giveaways, and getting all of them as shinies can take a long while.

Then again, shiny hunting is fun Smile
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@TheAlmightySancho Thank you for your input Smile
The genning giveaway is superb it really helps people thx so much for the time and effort u put into it
@Darkpower Thank you for the input Smile
This is a little off topic but would you be doing an Oras/X and Y giveaway in the future?
@Cosmic Idk, maybe sometime during the future
I would like to see some themed giveaways 
something like nu allstars or best of fire types something like that
@iimlF4nT4Sy Thank you for the input Smile

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