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[DISCUSSION] What are you looking for?
@Sun Juan Thank you for the input Smile
The anime themed and eeveelutions sounds like fun!
@Odizie Thank you for the input Smile
Is there any way to get 2x 6IV Japanese Dittos on Gen 6? I've been looking for so long but nobody wants to trade them away. I would really appreciate it. 
Thanks Smile
@"MissCandy1994" Thank you for the input Smile
@moo311 I think making a giveaway of the most popular/best competitive Pokémon would be cool. Maybe try to make it non mythical/legendary or else it would just be the two primals lol. But legendaries would also be nice tho!
@bendikr Thank you for the input Smile
Themed giveaways are always fun :D My suggestion; Maybe the teams of the winners of World championships
@SorinX Thank you for the input Smile
@moo311 I may just be total fandom trash, but maybe you can do fandom pokemon? i know it sounds weird, but like anime certain pokemon can repersent characters in books. Im not sure how many people would like it, but i think it would be a good idea!
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