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[FRIEND SAFARI] Need more friends in safari
I will accept anyone who wants me to add them. =^.^=

Friend Safari: Poison

1st & 2nd Slot Pokemon: Seviper & Venomoth
3rd Slot Pokemon: Drapion
I'll add you.
I tend to give away free shinies.
I'll add you too
  • ill add 
Hey! So I heard you need a fiend safari that has clefairy, mine happens to have one, my IGN is Chamber and
My friend code is 5215-1705-8041
@ShinyeeveecalledOpel Thanks
@NintendomasterFTW. Ok added you
I'll add you when I'm done trading ^*^
I just added you.
I added you all, can you add me back please? Thank you @Fennekins @KailynNeko @ShinyeeveecalledOpel @NintendomasterFTW @DarienDenciati and  @NoRaTiX

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