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[GIVEAWAY] 6IV Legit BR Pokémon - First come First Served!
So, Who want's 6 IV battle ready Pokémon?
First Come First Served!!

I know I do which is why I am doing this breeding and I figured why don't I help others while I am at it! These are Pokémon I have bred as 5IV in the past so hopefully breeding will be quick but it all depends on luck!

The Rules are as Follows:
1. I will only breed 1 of each Pokémon so if you want it claim it first! (2 if you include mine)

2. Each will be bred to 6 IV and made battle-ready to the specifications provided

3. If you want another moveset for an advertised Pokémon post the moveset and we can discuss whether I will change it for you (mostly time dependant)

4. you may only have 1 request at a time, when you claim 1 you may request another

5. I will not be breeding duplicates, first come first served.

6. BE PATIENT, I will breed them as fast as possible depending on how much time I have spare but remember that the odds of getting 6IV Pokémon are not high..

7. This giveaway will last as long as I have the time, I may add new options or if you have suggestions and a base to breed from feel free to suggest them and if I find them interesting I may breed yours after the current batch!


All of these Pokémon will be bred by me on request so they are all 100% legitimate with no genning or cloning of the Pokémon I trade in this giveaway

Reserved Already:

[Image: Golisopod.jpg]      [Image: Pangoro.jpg]
[Image: Crustle.jpg]          [Image: Salamence.jpg]
[Image: Greninja.jpg]          [Image: Gengar.jpg]
The New Kahuna
Never heard some of those move sets.

Most of the Pokémon are sets from smogon sometimes slightly altered, the other sets are generally sets I found online.
The New Kahuna
May I have a Golisopod?
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Sure, I will start breeding that then  Tongue
The New Kahuna
@Tenebris_Kane This is awesome! Thank you so much for this incredible giveaway!

I'll be checking this thread periodically just in case a Fire-type creeps in in the next batch! Smile
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@Black Waterfall

Do you want one of the following fire types:

Alola marowak (careful build), Camerupt, ninetails, delphox or blaziken?

I could do a switch out with an existing mon  Wink
The New Kahuna

Your 6IV Wimpod has been succesfully bred, now I just need to level and train it and it will be ready for you  Big Grin

P.S. It was only the 6th egg!!
The New Kahuna
Can I reserve the Pangoro
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ

Of course, I have just about finished retrotyphlosions Golisopod now (can't believe I got a 6IV in 6 eggs!!)
I will have it finished as soon as possible  Big Grin
The New Kahuna

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