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[GIVEAWAY] Back with a BANG! - 100+ Legit BR Pokémon!!!
May I reserve a golisopod plz Smile

there are plenty available so there is no need to reserve them  Tongue 

If you can deposit into the GTS within the next little while before I go to bed I can send you one now, if not don't worry about it and I can send it out tomorrow  Big Grin
I deposited a lvl 12 male metapod nicknamed tenebris for golisopod ign is hawkeye

Golisopod has been sent  Big Grin
@Tenebris_Kane  Id like an Azumarill. Depositing a Rhyhorn, Level one female in a premier ball. Thanks for the awesome mons!
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ

Sent, it is holding the berry because that is the item the set was supposed to have anyway and I didn't remove it since the Amethyst 0mega giveaway. It's nice to know the Azumarills have all gone out to their new homes now.
Thx for the golisopod man
i deposited a lvl 2 male ratata for it
ign luqon
wanna fill dex
thanks in advance
Hi good evening, i would like to get me a Eevee please, Deposited:  Lv Finneon F.(quickball)
Requested: Eevee(Its not gender nor level locked)
Thankyou verry much for the awesome trade, and maybe if i did something wrong tell so i can fix it
@Sun Juan 

Since you are looking for an Eevee it would be best if you re-post at this link and Dova should be able to send you a good battle ready Eevee in no time (I also included it below in case that link didn't work)


Hi, it's past 1am here and I have another game open on my ds. I hope you don't mind but I will wait until tomorrow morning until I try to reach a save point and then I will send the Pangoro ASAP. Thanks for being patient.

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