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[GIVEAWAY] Giving Away 6 IV Japanese Dittos (CLOSED)
Alright just as the title says I am gonna be trading away about 25 Dittos to the first people who are able to send any pokemon in the gts. All of theses dittos are japanese born, Adamant and have 6 ivs (value of 31 in each of their stats). These dittos will be helpful for both IV breeding and if any shiny enthusiast using the Masuda Method. Anyways I have my rules listed below


  • As mentioned, this is first come, first serve giveaway.

  • Deposit one of the following Magikarp, Wurmple, Poochyena, Ziggagoon, or Ralts into the GTS.

  • Ask For a level 100 Ditto and change the level option from 91-100.

  • HAVE THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IN YOUR DESCRIPTION: "Black117 Rules!" (don't include the quote).

  • Comment in this thread what pokemon you deposited, the level, gender, and your IN-GAME NAME.
  • I'll trade by the order of the comments from oldest to newest.
  • Don't ask for seconds. Just one and only one ditto
  • Please I really don't want to hear/see anyone complaining about the

I'll try to get to everyone as fast and humanly possible so please don't complain.

# of [Image: ditto.gif]'s Left: 8

A +1 Rating would be greatly appreciated.  : Smile :

Completed Trades

Vous Abott

Anyways thanks and good luck to you all!
Mahikarp, level 1 female! Thanks so much man! Smile
Alright I just traded with you Vous Abott
Awesome! Thanks so much! Smile
Justin noticed this thread!
I just deposited a female level 2 Wurmple!
IGN: Danny
Ralts, lvl 8, male, my ign is Drozaik.

Thanks so much, you're the best.
It's up on gts I put up a poocheyen and my ign is Cream thank you
lvl 5 Zigzagoon nickname of it Zigzachs Female IGN Juan
Gender is female sorry lv2

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